Tuesday, August 4, 2015

One Day At A Time

The past few weeks have been all over the place, much like this post will be.  
A close family member of ours had to have a major medical procedure last week so there has been lots of family time and healing energy floating about.  Things are going well so we're incredibly thankful for that.  One day at a time!

In other vague news, I've been examining my work situation(s) to the nth degree.  Opportunities have made themselves known so there's the possibility that things may change.  It's a bit stressful but exciting at the same time.  While that's been going on, I've also been reevaluating my creative business and how I want it to evolve.  I created a survey to get input from my market (YOU!) and really appreciate any feedback you can share.  I have restocked the shop and have reduced prices on loads of more vintage fabrics.  Take a gander!
In really exciting news, I got a new car!  Not only have I never had a new car, but I've never even had a say in any car that I've ever driven!  Before we unexpectedly moved last year, we were planning on replacing one of our cars but we all know how that story ended.  Fast forward a year and we were in a place where we really had no choice.  It was time to buy a new car.  I did my homework (and then some) and after several months, I finally landed in a Volkswagen Golf SportWagen and I freaking love it.  It's such a comfort feeling safe and confident in a vehicle!  Now to get used to car payments again...
I took a self defense class last weekend.  I had taken a course in college but that was a few years ago so the refresher was welcomed.  I hope these are skills I'll never ever ever have to use but it's better to be safe than sorry.  Plus, beating up a punching bag is pretty cathartic.  :)
My Papa turned 80 today and one of his sisters turned 70.  Yup, he has a sister that was born on the same day as him, just ten years later.  How's that for crazy? 

Now to end the random post with a random (and rare) napping photo.  Fingers crossed we see more of these again soon. 

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