Friday, September 18, 2015

A Dynamic Junkin' Duo

Last weekend, my dad and I packed a bag, took off from work early, and hit the road for another installment of Kanokla!  We discovered this event a few years back and have made it a tradition to pick it when our schedules allow.  I believe this was our fourth year to make the trek!  I grew up antiquing on the weekends throughout the state with my dad so this is certainly a callback to those days.  We're a dynamic junkin' duo!

In a nutshell, it's a somewhat organized collection of yard sales and garage sales along a 100 mile route in northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas.  Most years we try and break it up into two days so we can take our time and hit as many sales as possible, which is what we did this year.  I think my favorite type of sales that we frequent on this trip are the 'sites' which are areas for group sales - imagine 25-50 different vendors set up in a field on the side of the highway.  You never know what you'll find there!

And now, a million photos to sum up the trip...

We mastered the art of selfies with drinks.
We sent countless photos of every bedpan we came across to my mom.  She was looking for inspiration for paintings so we were only trying to help.  ;)
We (mainly I) took photos of my 'catch and releases', aka items that I wanted to buy but knew I really didn't need.
(The machine below was my very first sewing machine!)
And we marveled at some of the collections the random antique shops had on hand.  This was a collection of used prescription scripts.   There was a bird in this shop that would say, "I'm sober now!"  It interesting shop.
And we shopped.  It didn't feel like we picked as much as we have in the past but I'm quite pleased with my haul!  After returning home, I cleaned things up, snapped photos, and took inventory of what I grabbed.
This was a double score as I didn't know the smaller canister was hidden inside the bigger one!  And I got it for $3!  I saw the same set later for $25!
Another trash can, because I have a problem.  And a spaghetti tin which is now filled with zippers!
I am one classy broad, as evidenced here.
And my pick of the trip which I will be dedicating an entire post to in the near future is this dollhouse.  It's in fair shape and came with allllll of the furniture.  I've been researching the hell out of it.  I'll be gifting it to Rio for her birthday in a few weeks after I get it all cleaned up.  I'm SO excited about it.  Hopefully she will be too!
After all was said and done, I spent very little money, had a great weekend on some back roads with my dad, enjoyed amazing weather, and got to go picking!  It was close to perfection.  Until next year's sale!

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