Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Weekend O' Projects

Three day weekend?  Line up the projects!  I was bound and determined to complete loads of projects around the house this weekend and did knock quite a few things off of my list and some that weren't even on my radar!  Here's a quick rundown of what I got done....

I painted our front door!  I'll elaborate MUCH more on our entryway project once it's fully complete so this is technically just a teaser.  ;)  The interior side still needs to be painted, there is some touch up to do, and the storm door is patiently waiting to be installed but paint made a huge difference and I'm thrilled with it!  I'm still finding yellow paint on myself two days later.
I fixed up tiny chairs from my childhood!  My Great Granny had these two little wooden chairs that myself, my sister, and my cousins all sat on throughout our childhood years.  My mom recently found those chairs and snagged them for me to make useable for Rio.  They sat in my folks' garage for quite some time only to be moved to our garage for a while longer.  They only needed some joints made more secure so I finally took some time the other night to get my hands covered in wood glue and play around with fifty clamps.  24 hours later, someone had a new art studio in their room!  (My mom grabbed that easel at a garage sale several months ago which also stayed hidden until this weekend.)
I sewed some wall art to bamboo rods!  Ha!  This is just phase one of an experimental project that I think will be pretty cool when it's done.  Fingers crossed.  :)  In a nutshell, my aunt made this tapestry when I was a kid and handed it down to me when I was in college.  I LOVE it but it's a pain to hang and it's crazy heavy.  This is an attempt by me to make it easier to hang and to move around!
I modernized some chairs!  Ok, this was SO simple.  These chairs came from my Mimi.  I remember them from my childhood and freaking loved them.  She had them recovered in the eighties and when she moved into a retirement community a few years ago, I inherited them.  I still love them but we wanted to update them without changing the fabric out.  Yesterday it dawned on me to just remove the dust ruffle which took 30 minutes total.  It's hard to tell from the photos but it made SUCH a big difference! 
Not pictured are about ten other projects, fits of rearranging fury, a ton of experimental meals (I'm hooked on Bountiful Baskets!), and some good ol' fashioned family time.  It was a very productive and fulfilling weekend! 

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