Thursday, October 22, 2015

All In One Picture

I've forever been a picture person.  I can't remember a time that I wasn't taking photos.  A few years ago, I even scanned every single negative and photo in my family's and my in-law's possession.  I can (and sometimes do) just stare at an image, new or old, for a ridiculous amount of time soaking it all in, letting memories flood over me, emotions take hold, and gratefulness grow.  I love photos.

I'd like to take some time here and there to focus on one photo and document what passes through my mind.  New and old.  For my first, one from last weekend of the kid and me.
The night before I'd gone out with my best friend to sing some karaoke (we're obsessed) and awoke in the most grand mood, singing, dancing, and reliving the night before.  We'd run a few errands as a family and returned home in great spirits.  Happiness filled our little house as we tidied up, made each other laugh, and enjoyed a gorgeous day with nothing planned.  Unusual for us, we decided to make our lunch the big meal of the day.  Rio wasn't down with our meal so I made her the classic PB&J, her absolute favorite at the moment.  She deconstructs her sandwiches as she eats them.  I spy that sandwich in this shot.  Brent was wiring a light out of frame and I was grilling our lunch.  I would walk back and forth making faces at the kid while our lunch cooked and during one of those trips, we aligned perfectly.  We both stood for a minute, long enough for me to fall in love with that moment.  She looked proud, grown, strong.  I felt proud, grown, and strong.  It was symbolic to me, and beautifully so.  We are one, yet our own beings.  She is such a piece of me, and I will always be a piece of her.  It's overwhelming in a peaceful, amazing way.

All in one picture.

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