Friday, October 2, 2015

The Dollhouse

I've been wanting to find Rio a dollhouse for quite some time now.  Of course I didn't just want to source something new from Amazon so I've been keeping my eyes open while out and about.  As luck would have it, I found one during my last Kanokla trip in an antique store in Independence, Kansas!
Actually, I found TWO of the exact same houses in the same shop.  I knew one of them would be coming home with me.  The first I came across wasn't in great exterior shape but the interior looked a bit better.  No furniture was included and the asking price was $50.  I kept on going through the shop and audibly gasped when I glanced up high just across the aisle and saw the twin house.  My stumpy arms couldn't reach it so I quickly found my dad to fetch it down for me.  He's known about my dollhouse quest for a while so he was happy to oblige.  Inside of the house was a ziploc bag FILLED with the original furniture.  That made me do an internal happy dance.  The exterior was in much better shape than the first one and the interior was in fair condition.  The price?  $25 in a booth with a sale going on.  This was the house going home with me.  I ended up paying right around $20, which I was quite pleased with.  It was my biggest purchase of the weekend and the pick of the trip!
Naturally when I returned home, I spent a good amount of time with my best friend Google researching my find.  This house was made by Wolverine in the early 60s.  There were a large amount of these houses made but of many different variations.  I'm actually quite surprised that I found two of the same style in the same location!  The holy grail of these houses are ones with a fall out shelter in them!  No, no fall out shelter in this one.  :)  Sometimes the furniture is worth more than the house and finding the people is even more rare.  I'm fairly certain that all of the furniture is included with this house!
My dollhouse interest has been present for several years but only accelerated recently with a toddler in the house.  I've been reading this miniatures blog for many years which is filled with so much tiny eye-candy and then I got to follow along on this dollhouse rehab project  which is quite amazing!  Give yourself time to enjoy both!

We'll be gifting our find to Rio on Sunday so I took some time last night to clean things up.  The house is made of tin so the rusty-looking spots are there to stay.  I did light scrubbing with warm water and Dawn; I didn't want to use anything too abrasive.  The window frames cleaned up beautifully, as did the furniture.  After I got everything cleaned up, I had to place the furniture in the house.  I had no choice, ya know?  :)  There are so many things that amaze me about it - the tiny toilet, the removable sinks, the MCM table lamp, the permanent wall's all perfect in my eyes.
Fingers crossed that she'll like it (as much as I do!) and that it will be played with once again for many more years!  I've heard several say that they had a dollhouse like this during their childhood.  Did you?!

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