Thursday, October 15, 2015

¡Tres Años!

The kid turned three.  I have no idea where all that time went but somehow, time progressed and our baby turned into a little person who articulates thoughts, has strong opinions, and makes us laugh constantly.  Her wonderful existence required that we celebrate with our family and friends!
Just like with her second birthday, we kept things mega simple.  No theme, no fancy anythings, just quality time with good folks.  It was perfect.

I updated her birthday banner with a huge 3, we made some burgers and sausages for our guests, and we set up the backyard to host a gaggle of kiddos.  Neighbors stopped in, the sun shone bright, and gleeful screams filled the air.  The huge bruise Rio acquired the night before from couch hopping slowed her down not a bit, thankfully.  Her dollhouse was well received which thrilled me, of course.  This was the first year that she understood that a birthday was a special day; her special day.
Three.  Just doesn't seem possible.  Can't imagine life without my little sidekick. 

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