Monday, November 23, 2015

Rio's Kitty Quilt

I've only made Rio one quilt before - the first one I ever made!  It was high time that I made another for her and I finally was able to mark it off the list.
When I finished up my first paper-piecing project, I knew I wanted my next to be a cat pattern, naturally.  After some quality time with Google, I came across this 'Whiskers' pattern which looked like something I could manage and was cute so I printed it off! The pattern for the cats was quite simple once I was able to understand the pattern.  There were a few discrepancies and not enough explanation for a novice like myself but after much head scratching and seam ripping, I figured things out.
The cats are cute, yes, but my favorite part of this quilt is the fabric the cats are made of, without a doubt.  A while back I played around with printing some of my mom's paintings onto fabric through Spoonflower.  A bit after that, I decided to start scanning some of Rio's paintings and had one of them printed up.  (I will be doing that again and again and again in the future!) The center kitty is made from Rio's fabric and the two outer kitties are made from scraps of my mom's fabrics.  LOVE!
The striped purple fabric (it's the backing, too) is an old bed sheet that Brent and I used camping a million times.  It's super soft and I thought it worked purrfectly with everything else that was going on.  Plus, it has history for us which makes it that much more special.  I realize giving a toddler a white quilt is just asking for trouble but I'm ok with that.  I just want it to be used, loved, and cherished for many, many years.

I made the binding from scraps of the painting fabrics and I looooooove the way it turned out.  In the past, I've always machine sewn on all of my bindings but for my last few, I've been hand finishing them and I don't think I'll ever go back to the machine for that step! 
The best part of this quilt though was sharing its process with Rio.  I would often work on it at night while she slept so she'd always ask about the progress each morning.  Then when we hit the quilting stage, she would periodically sit on my lap and help me guide the fabric through the machine which she thought was the coolest thing ever.  It was.

What does she think of it?  I think she approves!


I've been super, crazy busy lately and have so much to share with you, including the most insane thing I think I've ever made!  I'd also love to personally invite you to join us at Alliday this year which is only a few weeks away!  Please join us December 11th or 12th and invite your whole squad!

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