Wednesday, December 30, 2015

That Post Christmas Chill

How is tomorrow the last day of 2015?  Seriously, I don't understand how the end of the year is suddenly here (says myself and the entire internet).  Our little family has taken to hibernating as of late.  After Alliday (spoiler alert: it was amazeballs!), we quickly went into 'prepare the house for Christmas celebrations' mode and are just now emerging. We welcomed Brent's family to stay with us over Christmas for something different and it was fantastic.  We had family sleeping in every corner of the house for several days, ate way more food than we should have, and had an all-around grand time.  Just perfect.  Now, we both have the week off from work so we've spent much time in our pajamas while watching the ice/snow melt from a few days ago.  It's been a welcomed, relaxing, and rare break.  With that, I give you a series of photos of a clean house, pre-festivities.  And maybe a photo of a cat.
There's that cat picture!  :)  Until next year, my friends!

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