Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Wedding Quilt

The first quilt of 2016 is done and it is a special one!  One of my dearest friends got hitched not too long ago and to celebrate her union and new chapter in life, a quilt was in order!
This quilt holds tons of symbolism.  Sunsets, sunrises, two becoming one, a spiritual presence, and the inclusion of three darling kids are all represented within this work.  I went into it without a plan (as I do) and love the way it turned out.  
The background fabric is a sweet vintage sheet I had in my stash and seemed to compliment the focal point just perfectly.  Plus, it's super soft since it's had years of loving making it perfect to continue life in a quilt!
I quilted it pretty densely, mainly with lots of straight lines.  When I was finished, or so I thought, I wasn't happy with the quilting in the main part - it just seemed bare.  I pulled out the free motion goodies, gave some stippling a try again, and am so glad that I did!  It reminded me that I'm not terrible at free motioning and that there are endless possibilities when using it!  And it gave this quilt exactly what it was missing.  :)
The backing is a combination of scraps, the front sheet, and the addition of another sheet that I loooooooove.  I am thrilled with how it all balanced out!  

Size-wise, I'd call it a good-sized couch blanket that can fit a few cuddling bodies underneath.  :)
I'm learning that one of my favorite parts of making a quilt is pulling it out of the dryer after washing it all up.  That crinkling effect is gold!  
I'm super happy with how this one turned out and am even more excited for its new family to wrap up in it for years and years and years.  To the future, dear friends!

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