Sunday, January 17, 2016

My First Mini & Quilt Show!

Close to the beginning of last year, my quilt guild got together and tore some fabric up.  Seriously, that's literally what we did.  We were asked to bring one yard of a solid fabric that tickled our fancy.  I went with green, naturally.  Everyone stood in one large circle, tore their fabric in half, kept the larger piece, and passed the smaller piece to the person to our left.  Then we repeated that seven times until we had a random rainbow of different sized solid fabrics.  The mission?  To make a 'mini' quilt (24" x 24") using all of the colors given in a 'modern' style while pushing ourselves out of our quilting comfort zones. 
I was soooooo not inspired by my fabric pull so this project sat for months and months until I realized I only had a few weeks left before it was due!  Finally, one day I pulled out the stack and just started slicing and piecing.  We were allowed to incorporate a print, if we saw fit, so I decided to bring in this constellation print by Lizzy House (that I had leftover from a dress I made myself) to tie everything together. 
I challenged myself in a few different ways.  Not cutting things square was more of a challenge than I thought it would be!  Ha!  I made the binding using my seventh color.  Also not following specific quilting lines pushed me a bit as well.  For the quilting, I decided to use four different colors of thread which I ended up loving.  I worked on burying my threads (still working on that!), learned how to make a hanging sleeve on the back, and hand sewed my binding on which I'm very new to!  So this little quilt ended up teaching me loads more than I thought it would.
I just ended up using scraps for the backing, as I usually do.  When I was done, I had a hell of a time deciding which side to use as the official front - I loved both sides so much!  You can somewhat see the sleeve at the top of the backside. 
We were also asked to name our quilts and label them.  I had never done that before aside from naming them after who they would live with!  While I was making this one, I was busy binge-watching Vikings so I ended up naming this little guy 'Nott' which means 'night' in Norse. 

Fast forward several months later and my first mini quilt was hung among others from the same challenge at an area quilt show!  Pictured is only a small portion of the minis that were completed.  Such variety, talent, and inspiration in our group!
It may have just been a tiny quilt that I was able to share in this type of public setting but you have to start somewhere, right?!  I'm proud!  :)

Now back to finishing my current quilt!  ¡Hasta luego!

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