Friday, February 26, 2016

Helloooooooo Out There!!!

It's been a hot minute, hasn't it?!  I feel like I say life has been crazy all of the time but lately, it's been a bit crazier than normal.  Apparently, I know no other way to operate.  ;)

I picked up an additional class to teach this semester (a high-level ESL Grammar class) that has added a considerable amount of work to my to-do list but I have been loving it.  I haven't taught grammar since before Rio was born so it's been nice to get back into it!  It's challenging, but worth it.

In order to add to my teaching schedule, I had to enroll the kid in preschool a few days a week.  It's been...interesting.  Everyone is great and I think she's enjoying it but she's been sick NONSTOP since she started.  This is a kid that has barely been sick in her short three years but in the past two months we've been to urgent care twice, have had two ear infections, RSV, virus after virus, a rash here and there, and those good ol' stomach bugs.  To say it's been taxing would be an understatement.  Today she is well, thankfully, so hopefully that trend will continue. 

During all of this, I was heavily involved in organizing StreetCats' annual fundraiser, My Furry Valentine.  I did two TV interviews (you can see one of them here if you want to see me in action!) which I'm finding I love more and more each time I do them.  So strange!  The event turned out wonderfully but I'm sure glad it's over!  Ha!  Volunteer work is a passion of mine but it definitely is work!
Believe it or not, I've still been sewing and creating through this!  This is in everyone's best interest.  ;)  I've been commissioned to make the cutest little six-month-old a new wardrobe so I've been reliving lots of baby Rio memories!  Oh, and I made a giant stuffed kitty pillow out of cat fabric.  Crazy cat lady officially?  Probably.  I also decided to add a vintage clothing section to my Etsy shop so I've been making time for photographing, mending, measuring, and listing items in my 'spare' time!  I have a handful in there right now and will be adding lots more in the near future!  I'm also in the final stages of finishing up my official Bifftastica website and my sister is finishing up my new branding!  You can see a peek of it here.  I'm really, really, really stoked about all of this! 

So there you have it!  A monthly check-in.  :)  If you are missing out on hearing from me, I post often on my Instagram (it's private so you'll have to request to follow) and welcome you to join me!  ¡Hasta luego!

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