Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Couple of Quilts!

I have had the quilting bug BAD lately.  My head is overflowing with ideas but I've only had a minute here and there to work on any large projects.  C'est la vie!  I have managed to bust out a few small quilts though, as you'll see below.  :)
The first quilt came about thanks to my quilting guild.  They've started challenging us to monthly projects (if we want to participate) which will help us with skill building.  For March, we were asked to bring 12 strips of green fabrics and then exchanged them during our meeting.  Following that, we were given a pattern for a 3-leaf clover and were encouraged to get creative with what we made.  Well, naturally, I decided to change things up.  I made my clover with four leaves (to make it luckier, duh!), removed the stem and just went with it!  I did not intend on making it a quilt but it just kept growing and growing and growing!  Once I realized that this would be a quilt, I decided to make it a charity quilt.  Our guild donates quilts to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America who then gives them to patients undergoing treatments.  I only donated one last year and would like to donate more than that this year.

Once I got going on this one and I had decided on its purpose, I worked nonstop so I could release it on St. Patrick's Day!  And I did it!  I may have had to stay up a little later than normal but I think it was worth it.  And the shamrock pattern DID teach me some things that I did not know before.  I ended up loving this project!
Prior to the shamrock quilt, I decided to play around with quilt shapes.  Who says quilts have to be square?!  For this first experiment, I made a diamond shaped quilt!
I loooove the idea of it and am overall pleased with the outcome but I would have changed some things on it and probably will once I attempt this again.  First, the floral fabric was a beast to work with for a quilt.  There was some significant pulling which resulted in some 'hiccups' that stand out to me but probably aren't even noticeable to anyone else.  I absolutely love the way it looks on a couch or on the end of a bed though!  I'm not sure what I'll do with this finished quilt - it's not the right size for a charity quilt and it doesn't really go in our home.  Let me know if you have any ideas! 
Like I said, my quilting desire is strong right now!  I don't know if it's looking at QuiltCon entries, wanting to procrastinate other projects, or just feeling the need to communicate via fabric right now but whatever it is, I'm listening!  And stitching!

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