Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Whale of a Road Trip

Our family FINALLY got out of the house last weekend for a little time on the road!  It was so, so, so overdue.  Yes, we only drove about 25 minutes outside of Tulsa but a road trip is a road trip is a road trip, am I right?
I'm a life-long Tulsan and there are still so many places here that I have yet to visit!  On Sunday, I finally marked a few more off of the list.  First, we headed over to the Blue Whale in Catoosa on Route 66.  Now, I had driven past this a million times - in fact I even worked extensively on some Route 66 projects back in my architecture firm days - but I had never stopped to take in the attraction until now.  (Somehow I missed getting a full photo of the whale in all his glory so do check out the link!)

What sparked my desire to finally stop at the whale?  The kid.  In January, she and I took our own little road trip to a storage facility in Claremore to pick up the most epic Craigslist haul ever (hello amazing bedroom set - more on that in the future!) and we passed the whale.  Driving past that was by far the highlight of the day for Rio.  We had to return.  And return we finally did.  

After some turtle watching, picture taking, whale climbing, and memory making, we packed back up in the car and continued driving northeast, without a destination in mind.  Claremore is just around the corner from Catoosa so when we arrived there, we did some quick Googling and decided we'd visit the Will Rogers Museum.  Honestly, I initially wasn't that jazzed about visiting the museum, especially when I learned it wasn't free for adults but I quickly changed my tune once we started checking things out. 
First, the building and grounds are beautiful!  The museum is set atop a hill which overlooks all of the town.  Will Roger's tomb is actually on the grounds and is a very peaceful place to be.  I couldn't imagine what all could fill that huge museum so I was impressed to find a stunning saddle collection from all over the world, artwork galore of Will and his life, lasso trick videos (the mister and the kid were all about that!), and all sorts of other odds and ends.  There is even a large, fancy theater!
The highlight of the museum though?  The basement.  They converted that area into a total kids' area.  Walls painted like an old town and a forest gave it such a fun vibe.  They even have a scavenger hunt through the forest which I believe we all enjoyed equally!  Then, they have several different play areas set up - a puppet theater stage, a 'movie' theater, horse races, dress up, car building, a train set, and surely something else I'm forgetting!  All in all, I was super surprised and super impressed!  I would definitely recommend this as a quick day trip!
I think our whole little family has been missing little trips like this.  Where next?

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  1. I love that you went to the whale and the Will Rogers Museum! I grew up in Verdigris and still travel there weekly to see my parents and/or my sisters. (It's the little town between Catoosa and Claremore which you might not know you passed)
    Loved doing the Easter egg hunt on the hill at the museum. Your visit inspires me to take a trip back - not sure how long it's been, but I know it would be just as new to me as it was for you guys.


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