Friday, March 25, 2016

The Wildest and Craziest Spring Break Ever!

On Monday, I had my speaking students each give a short, impromptu speech about their spring breaks.  The speeches ranged from non-stop partying to being stuck at home with their kids who were also on break.  They were all equally wonderful, creative, and entertaining.  It got me thinking about my spring break.  It was nothing that spectacular but it was good.  It was filled with all sorts of odds and ends while being busy, relaxing, and fulfilling.  So, without further adieu, here is my spring break.
Thing started off with dinner and karaoke with my best gal.  We rarely document those nights because some things are better left not seen or heard.  We capped off that night with catching a bit of Brent's band and then called it a night.  :)  The fun didn't stop there though.  On Saturday, Brent and I took Rio to see Peppa Pig Live!  That. Was. An. Experience.  Pretty sure it was a sold out show filled with toddlers and their folks.  WOW.  That was our first experience with something like that and I'm not sure we'll be rushing to do anything like that again but we're glad we marked it off of our list.  And the kid loved it.  So there's that. 
The next day was a fairly low key one spent with just the kid.  What was notable about it was that the kid was an angel and my parenting skills were on point!  It just felt good.  We went on an adventure walk through our neighborhood, worked on scissor dexterity, sewed a bit, and just had an all around fun day.
I had made it my top priority to finish my Bifftastica website over spring break and spent most of my free time working on that.  On Friday, I was finally able to announce that it was done!  Do take a look and play around on it!  In addition to that busy work, I had soooooooo much grading to do but that's part of my job!
Thankfully, Rio still had her two days of school last week so on Tuesday, I scheduled a massage!  I'm incredibly guilty of making myself a low priority but I'm working to change that.  That massage was divine.  I fell asleep twice and may have drooled all over the place.  Divine, I tell ya.  After that I took my car in to let it have its own kind of massage.  I finished that afternoon off at the cemetery where my Granny rests.  I needed to spend some time alone there and I'm very glad I did.  Was restorative for me at that moment.
I squeezed in some St. Patrick's Day festivities to see my bestie and her girls doing some Irish dancing!  That put quite a big smile on my face.  St. Patrick's Day is one of my faaaaaavorites!  A holiday where everyone wears green??  Perfection!
 Oh, and the kid finally let me start braiding her hair!  This is HUGE!  And adorable!  :) 
I finished off the break by joining my folks at the cabin for a quick overnighter.  Brent stayed back in town so he could see ZZ Top, which makes me laugh.  Rio got to try her hand at fishing for the first time, the beast got to run free, and I got to nap and sleep in!  We all won!
 So no, it wasn't the most riveting Spring Break nor the most fun-filled but damn if it wasn't a good one!  If only we could have a week break once a month!

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