Sunday, April 3, 2016

Building A Tiny Wardrobe

Over the years, I've had the extreme pleasure of creating with and for some of the most wonderful people.  For the past two years, I've been able to get to know two gals named Ashley through working with them on Alliday.  Our working relationships quickly merged into friendships for which I am deeply grateful.
Both of these Ashleys have had two precious little girls since I've known them and watching them grow as parents has been such an awe-inspiring journey.  Seeing all three of our stair-stepped girls together is pure gold.
Recently, I was asked to help build a budding fashionista's wardrobe and have enjoyed every moment of it.  I never knew that I loved tiny clothes for tiny people until Rio joined our world so I completely understand the joy of making and having clothes made for our bebes.  Making clothes for the darling Harriet has been a true gift.  Sure it's been great apparel-making practice and great for skill-building, but it's also taken me back to the first months of having a baby.  That cloudy, dreamy, wonderful, new period of life that seems just like yesterday while feeling like it was years and years ago.
I cannot wait to see her start to fill these clothes out but more so, I cannot wait to see who this gal grows up to be!  With parents like hers, I have no doubt she'll move mountains, warm hearts, and change lives. 
Making these outfits has been so much more than just clothes.  Thank you, Ashley and Harriet, for giving me that gift and letting me create for you!

*cutest photos ever courtesy of Mama Daly*

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