Friday, April 1, 2016

Eight Years And Then Some

Last Tuesday, Brent and I celebrated eight years of marriage.  After we had both gotten off of work, we picked up the kid, headed to the park, and had a simple, quiet picnic to celebrate the day.  The squirrels were incredibly interested in what our basket contained, the wind was lightly blowing, and the trees were beginning to pop with color and life again.
After some grub, we handed the camera over to the kid and let her get snap-happy for the first time.  In love with her captures.  And her.  And him.
Eight years.  It's been easy and it's been hard.  It's been fun and it's been boring.  But it's all been done together.  In a few short months, we'll be celebrating ten years of meeting each other.  Eight years of marriage doesn't seem strange but ten years of having each other in our lives blows my mind.  Time is a crazy thing.  As is love.

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