Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fresh Off The Machine!

Some days, I think I'm more surprised than anyone that I am so into sewing.  I am truly fascinated by it and I feel like it's an area in which I'll never quit learning.  The possibilities of what you can make are endless and so much of what can be made is functional, important, and useful!  It's hard for me to decide what type of sewing I like the best.  Quilts are more of an artistic expression for me and are sooooooooo enjoyable to complete.  They are definitely a front runner.  Bags are, well, bags!  I'm totally a bag lady so figuring out how to make a bag to my specifications is pretty much the coolest thing ever.  But clothes?  Oh, clothes.  I really didn't expect to enjoy making clothing as much as I do.  I learn something new on every single article of clothing I make.  Seriously.  Here are some random clothes that I've made over the past few months to get you up to date on my apparel endeavors.  :)
First up, a my first men's tailored shirt!  After making Brent a tie, he started hinting for me to make him some other clothes.  We dug through my vintage pattern stash and came across this one from 1972 which is his EXACT size.  We picked a fabric I had on hand to create a muslin.  This came together SO quickly.  I was shocked.  I think the caroling dress prepared me more than I realized for projects like this! 
I think next time, I won't be so ambitious with such a busy pattern but it was a good test for me!  The collar and cuffs are VERY seventies aka funky which I think is pretty cool!  All in all, this has definitely motivated me to try and find some more modern men's patterns to try my hand at.  Watch out, Brent!
Next up is a quick dress that I made for myself to wear for New Year's Eve.  It's also a seventies pattern but more on the latter half of the decade.  I made some adjustments such as non-gathered sleeves and a longer hem.  The front closes with a looooooong hidden zipper and is topped off with a Bakelite button that I'm in love with.  I need to pull it back out to get some proper photos of it.  It's quite a lovely dress, in my opinion.  :)  If I make it again though, I'll be adding some pockets!
I had to make something for Rio for Christmas!  I picked up a pattern for this adorable jacket at Owl & Drum and went at it!  I made it a size 4 (I usually size up on all of her clothes because she's growing so damn fast!) but it's considerably too large on her right now.  I actually made it out of an old curtain that is somewhat self-lined.  I'm not sure how else to explain that!  The seams are covered with bias tape and I stitched in some appliqued flowers on the inside where seams meet as a little surprise for her.  :)  I think it will be a perfect rain jacket once it fits her well.  This came together quite quickly and I love the look of it.  I need to try my hand at a lined version as well. 
Finally, while I was making baby H a new wardrobe, I busted out a little herd of diaper covers to ship off to Out on a Limb in Oklahoma City.  I think diaper covers are invaluable and absolutely adorable!
Shew, I feel better getting you up to speed on my sewn clothes!  ;)  I'm going to a sewing retreat this weekend and have pulled out another pattern to hopefully make myself a new dress from!  Fingers crossed it all works out!  ¡Hasta Luego!

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