Friday, April 22, 2016

The Towering Quilt

I'm in the midst of quilt mania. I can't stop making them! I have two that are in the final stages of completion but it's taking all of my willpower to finish them before I start more! My brain is overflowing with quilt inspiration and motivation. If only I had the time and energy needed to bust them all out like I would like! So without further adieu I present, 'Towering', my latest finish.
When I first started dabbling in sewing as an adult, I really enjoyed making bags with bark cloth and other hard-to-find vintage fabrics. I sold some here and there and the rest got stored away until recently. When I pulled them back out, I admired the fabrics just as I had when I first found them but I cringed a bit at my bag construction. I mean, they functioned and they looked fine but my technical skills have grown so much since then that I knew they needed to become something else. I spent a few nights deconstructing those bags, making sure I did my best to keep the fabrics in good shape. I knew what I wanted to do - I wanted to use those fabrics in quilts.
Once I had quilt on the brain, I flew through this one! It's so simple but so beautiful, in my opinion! The focal fabrics range from the 1940s - 1970s. With the exception of the cream strip down the middle, all of the fabrics used in this piece are heavier than most fabrics used in quilts. This means that it's durable, heavy (perfect for cooler weather!), and took twice as long to quilt! There WILL be more quilts like these in the near future.
I used variegated thread down the center and in various lines throughout the rest of the quilt which I loooooooove. It just adds that little something extra. The backing was an experiment. It's made from a soft vintage citron fabric that I literally have hundreds of yards of. I LOVE it as a backing! It's ridiculously soft and the color is perfect. I imagine you'll be seeing this on the backs of many of my quilts!
The future of this quilt is half known and unknown. Right now, it's preparing to be hung in a faculty art show at my school! I've found myself very intimidated by entering any of my quilts into shows while at the same time being encouraged by many to enter some in shows! When I got wind of our faculty art show, I thought it would be the perfect first step for me to break down that wall within myself. This quilt and another were selected and will hang for the month of May at our Center for Creativity in downtown Tulsa. I'm excited! After that, who knows what will happen to this piece! As with all of my works, I hope they are loved and used for many, many years!
Until Later!

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