Monday, May 2, 2016

The Kid's New Backpack

While taking a quick break from quilting, I made the kid a backpack!  A few days ago, I didn't even have a tiny backpack on the brain. I received a message from a quilt guild friend (who has just started her monogramming business!) that had just made this bag and had a few more downloads of the pattern left.  Would I like to try it?  Well sure! 
Since my friend, Eva, had already made two of these (in record time, I might add!) I was able to pick her brain about what worked and what hadn't.  I decided to quilt all of my exterior back pieces to give it more stability but I needed to find that exterior fabric first!  I pulled out three heavier fabrics from my stash that I thought Rio may like and this was the one she went with!  Good choice, kid!  It has a wonderful watermelon-vibe to it, doesn't it?  I believe I found this one at the flea market and while the colors look very eighties, I'm almost certain this fabric is much older - early sixties would be my guess.  
The pattern is actually rather simple.  It does call for piping which I did not have on hand so I made my own with some rope and bias tape.  I haven't sewn with piping much, so that was the most challenging piece of this puzzle.  Cutting out all of the pieces took a bit of time but aside from the two main panels, everything is a rectangle so they are easy, quick cuts.  I went with a light-colored lining so it would be easy for her to see everything she has tucked away. 

Somehow, I managed to have everything I needed on hand.  Buckles from an abandoned project, lining from my mom's handmedown stash, piping was self made, exterior fabric from my stash, interior pocket from fabric gambling (!), straps from my stash, and the perfect sized zippers randomly on hand.  Meant to be.  I was able to finish this project within one evening and one afternoon.
I decided to make a few additions to this pattern to make it more customized for her.  Rio is like me and always has a water bottle with her.   Most of the time, she carries her own water but when she's not down to hold it, into my purse it goes.  I decided to make a bottle pocket on the side and I'm SO glad I did!  It took no time and all and I know it will be used all of the time.  I also added an exterior zipper pocket and an interior pocket on the lining.  It did take me a bit to refresh myself on how to make that exterior pocket, but I finally did it!
I really, really, really enjoyed making this.  I finished it up with the kid under my feet (while playing 'parking lots' for the 100th time yesterday) so her excitement about it made me that much more excited.  And today, she was thrilled to fill it up with goodies to take along to work.  I'm happy to report that she was able to fit an unreal amount of toys in it AND her water!  Huzzah! 
 The next test will to see if all of school goodies will fit!  Fingers crossed and zippers zipped!  :)

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  1. That is very beautiful bag. Do you think beginner would manage this project? Looks hard to make...


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