Thursday, June 2, 2016

Me Made May

What do all of these pictures have in common?  I'm wearing an article of clothing that I made in each photo.
You see, there's this thing called Me Made May that I noticed last year on Instagram as a hashtag.  The idea is that you wear self-made clothing throughout the month of May and you document it.  Over the past few years, I've been wearing clothes I have made more often but I never really thought twice about doing an internet challenge with it but for some reason on May 2nd of this year, I decided to dive right in.  Why the second?  Because I had no idea it was even May until we were already a day into the month!  Ha!  So for the following 30 days, I made sure to wear something I had made but not just any something.  What I wore needed to be something that I liked, that functioned well, that I wasn't embarrassed to wear in public, and something that I was comfortable showing to the internets!  Oh, and I had to have someone photograph me each day which ended up being one of the hardest parts of the challenge!  I only 'selfied' twice and other than that, the pictures were all taken by someone else.  I do believe, though, that Rio was my most frequent photographer and some of her photos are by far my favorite!  

I have many, many thoughts about this seemingly superficial project.  First, the clothes.  For a while now, I have become increasingly thoughtful about what I am wearing.  Not in regards to 'fashion' or colors, but in regards to where my clothes are coming from, who is making them, the conditions in which they were made, and their footprint in our world.  I haven't been to a mall to shop in over three years now and the only modern, commercially produced articles of clothing that I have purchased have been leggings, jeans, and undergarments since I've had Rio.  Absolutely everything else I have been wearing has been secondhand (thrifted, estate sales, flea market, handmedowns), handmade, or something that I've had in my closet for many, many, many years.  There is a documentary that I strongly recommend you watch sometime - The True Cost.  I believe it is on Netflix and, in my opinion, is a must see.  Embarking on this project really forced me to look at my wardrobe in a different way and I value that experience immensely.

The other huge takeaway for me were the photos.  Taking a photo of yourself everyday is not easy and it's kind of weird, too!  There were days that I was not feeling so 'cute' or I was in a funk or making time to take a quick picture wasn't my highest priority.  But I still did it.  And you know what, I'm SO glad that I did.  We often get lost in the everyday and before we know it, today becomes yesterday and we barrel on forward.  Having this collection of photos is more than just proof of a sewing challenge, it's a brief record of that day that I lived.  Every single one of these photos takes me back to that day - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Once upon a time, I documented my outfits often on this here blog.  Most of them were teaching outfits but there were others sprinkled in there, too.  This felt like abbreviated 'fashion' blogging to me and I realized that I missed that!  I looooooove clothes and I especially love them if they are a little less than normal.  This challenge reignited that creative spark that I felt had been slipping away.

Would I do this again?  Maybe!  Or perhaps a different monthly photo challenge.  I always enjoy seeing others' challenges they impose upon themselves and always wonder what they take away from it.  If you've been toying with it, I say do it!  Now, if you'd like to see all of the outfits, just keep on scrolling!  Try and guess which photos the kid took.  :)

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