Monday, July 25, 2016

A Quilt for Myself!

This next quilt just happened. 
I was moving around some of the various trims I have on hand when I came across a small bolt of 'curtain trim' that I'd never used before but had always thought was beautiful because, green.  It was one of the many treasures I pulled from the fabric warehouse, aka the gift that keeps giving!  Ha!  So for the first time in two years, I finally started to unwrap that green fabric trim from its bolt and was floored to find it had been folded over and was twice the width it appeared to be!  I knew it would be the star of this quilt that was practically begging to be made.  I pulled out scraps from Rio's sewing basket and started piecing the main strip in fabrics that I adored. 
The bold black strips of fabric are actually the backside of a fabric that really wasn't my style at all; I probably would never have used it that way.  The backside had more of a batik/tie dye feel to it which I was all about.  Other than the black piece and the green trim, everything was scrap fabric!  This quilt was actually SUPER fast and simple to make.  It's the busy-ness of the green trim that makes it look more involved than it actually was.
For the backing, I used the same fabric that I used on the back of this quiltI have loads of it in my shop.  It's so different in person!  It gives the quilt such a fantastic weight and I LOVE the way the quilting shows up on the back.  It's a good thing I have so much of it since I see myself continuing to use it on quilts!  As you can see, I quilted the hell out of this thing.  My lines aren't straight and I did back stitch here and there (gasp!) but I LOVE the finished product.  In fact, I'm typing this post up with this quilt in my lap!
For the binding, I just used some scrap bias tape I had on hand and it turned out to be the PERFECT length for this project.  The floral binding in the corner is actually made out of the only fabric I inherited from my Great Granny so I'm quite partial to it.
I wasn't far into this quilt before I knew that I would be keeping this one for myself.  I'm not the only one in our house that loves it - it's quickly become the quilt of choice for everyone here!  It's definitely become my favorite. 
I know it may not be everyone's style but for me, this quilt is perfect and that is what matters.  :)

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