Monday, August 22, 2016

Two Years In The Ranch!

Two years ago today, Brent and I bought the greenest house you've ever seen!  I am still just as in love with this place as I was two years ago.  Thank you, estate sale gods!  Sure we've encountered some crazy things (panic button to a rooftop air raid horn?!?), we've dealt with some massive updating projects, and we've got a million things to tackle in the future, but this is home and we are enamored with it.

I'm not sure I could love our neighborhood any more and our neighbors are pure gold.  I often still find myself in shock that we live here!  And a month after we moved in, my best friend of 20+ years moved in right around the corner from us.  The walk to their house from ours is one of my favorites.
To serve my own list-making needs and to step back and applaud our own accomplishments, I give you a list of what all we've done in the past two years.  Let's see if I can remember it all.

-new floors in all but two bathrooms and the kitchen
-painting galore.  so much more to paint.  paint, paint, paint.
-the removal of five trees (still gives me the feels)
-removing at least one-thousand rocks by hand throughout the backyard to mitigate flooding
-complete electrical update and partial rewire
-converting indoor planter to bench seat
-replacing drain line and clean out
-repairing front door planter and added a seat
-replacing front door (it was hollow core!) and adding a storm door
-converting game closet into media center
-repairing and updating wall in garage - in progress
-replacing under counter lights with LED strips and connecting to switch
-updating kitchen hardware
-replacing microwave from 1982 (RIP radioactive microwave!)
-clearing chimney of a tower of newspapers from the late 80s
-obtaining a dumpster and cleaning our attic and sheds 
-replacing most of the window treatments that came with the house (don't worry, I'm putting all of that old curtain fabric to use!)

I feel like I'm missing so much so I may come back to update the list!  Many befores and afters to come!  I will refrain from starting the list of what we still need to do and will instead just focus on back-patting for what we've already done.  :)
This house was good to the original owners for 60 years and so far, it's been wonderful to us as well.  Two years?!  I'm so glad we're here. 
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