Friday, September 2, 2016

A Biff Blitz!

Oh man, have I been busy!  I haven't been posting here much because all of my free time has been eaten up with sewing, school prep, sister visits, Alliday planning, or just keeping my head above water!  I thrive in these busy times though, so it's all good.  To play catch up, here's a comprehensive post of all the latest happenings in my creative world!

First, I was recently in the paper!  I was honored to be interviewed about my small business(es) and the viability of handmade businesses within our city.  I have been in the paper before but this was my first feature in the business section which was a big deal for me!  You can read the article here!
Second, I've been sewing my tail off!  I happened upon this book a few months back and have been crafting my own wardrobe from it during my free sewing time.  I looooove everything I've made and those pieces have quickly become staples within my wardrobe.  Apparently she has a good number of books out so I'm on the hunt for more that have been translated to English to add to my collection.  (The dress I'm wearing in the above shot is also from this book.)
I've not only been sewing for myself though.  Last week I volunteered to sew a sample dress for Owl & Drum and had so much fun with it!  The dress was the Washi Dress and, while I had heard about it and had seen it before, I'd never made one nor had tried one on before.  Well, after finishing up the sample and throwing it on, I was sold.  I'm in LOVE with those dresses!  So much so that I whipped up another one for myself the very next day.  It's a really fun, quick sew and is flattering on many body types. 
I've also been up to my ears in commissions lately which has been great!  I made another backpack, just like the one I'd made for Rio a few months back and I made some pillows out of a shower curtain for a newborn's nursery!  There have been a few other odds and ends that I didn't end up photographing but they are out there somewhere in the world, hopefully getting lots of usage!  :)
Rio has gotten a few different bags over the past few months, as well.  She's a bag lady just like her mom!  Between the two of us this morning, we brought NINE bags to work with us.  We're busy gals!  ;)  The one pictured below is the 241 Tote by Noodlehead which is a fun, quick sew.  I'd probably do the strap differently next time and would add some sort of closure but Rio sure is loving it as is!  Today it's filled with stuffed cats.  Definitely my daughter. 
Finally, I've been mass producing pot holders!  My goal is to make 75 by November!  I'm in the low thirties right now.  I can't say much more about this massive undertaking but I can say that's it's HUGE for me and is kind of a dream come true! 
So that's it for now!  I'm off to hand sew some potholder bindings and to google hand exercises for sewists!  ;)  Until later!

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