Friday, September 16, 2016

A Solo Kanokla Trip

For the past several years, Kanokla has been an adventure that my dad and I have taken on together.  This year, however, the pops was unable to go but I was still jonesin' for a junking road trip so I went alone.  I was thisclose to not going though.  I had invited several friends to go but nobody was able and I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it myself.  I wasn't feeling great, it had been raining heavily all morning, I was having a high-anxiety day, and I really didn't need to spend the money but the overwhelming desire for a quick road trip won out.  I'm SO glad I went.
Since I've done this trek a few times, the roads are familiar and I've become accustomed to which stops are usually fruitful for me.  The skies cleared quickly, a breeze picked up, and it ended up being a beautiful day.  I even ended up getting a little sun!  At my very first stop, I found a mint condition wig-box for $4.  I almost called it a day and turned back around because I was so pleased with that find!  Ha!  But on I journeyed.

My find of the day jumped out at me shortly after that.  It was actually found at a shop that I normally wouldn't look twice at.  It was a 'paint it all turquoise' type of store.  Not my bag.  But this beautiful little chair was sitting on the sidewalk, just calling my name.  The tag read a price that I wasn't ready to pay and that's when I saw the half off mark.  This was a good start.  Inside I went, offering a little less and to my delight, they accepted my offer!  Into the back of my car this guy went and it's been getting so much love ever since.  I'm thinking we'll get it recovered in the near future.  Time will tell!

I spent part of my car time gabbing with my best friend on the phone and the rest catching up on podcasts.  The Most Wonderful Wonder seemed like the perfect for the day.  Some stops I didn't buy a thing, I just enjoyed passing conversations with fellow hunters and eyed other things I liked but didn't need to bring home.
I only had one *weird* moment with a vendor trying to swindle and talk down to me.  Long story short, I got him down from $30 to $3 on some fabric, schooled him on the power of being a woman, and reminded him that being a creep gets you no fans - all with an audience.  Thankyouverymuch

One shop I like to stop at (seriously in the middle of nowhere - there were conflicting answers when I asked which town I was in), houses two rescue cats in their store.  You can best your cat-loving ass that was a highlight of my day!  ;)
Once upon the time, I used to travel the world.  I faced my fears, I experienced so many amazing things, and I felt like I could conquer anything.  For some reason, this particular little day trip brought back those same feelings to me.  It was empowering, motivating, and exciting.  Yup, rural Oklahoma and Kansas reminded me of world travels.  Again, I'm so glad that I went.
Enough deep mumbo jumbo, what did I find?!  Well, you've already met the chair so in addition to that, I found:  a beautiful 60s duster coat, some sheets for sewing, fabric for some new clothes (!), the glorious wig box, embroidery hoops for a future project, an 80s pattern for cat pillows, a box full of plant fact cards for the kid, a metal tray for the kid, and a Fisher Price Western Town!  I've become OBSESSED with the old Fisher Price Little People toys and have amassed quite the collection. 
That's it!  I'm thrilled with my finds, thrilled with what I spent, and thrilled with making myself go on a solo adventure.  I should really do it more often.  Ya hear that, self?  

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