Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Our Guest Room

Ahh, the guest room.  Upon moving in, this room was nothing more than a catch all for all things random.  Extra flooring, spare drums, wayward furniture, and mismatched 'decor' were all this room knew for the past few years until recently.  I'm happy to report that this room is now fully functional, has already hosted its share of guests, and boasts some smooth calming vibes.  It's done! 
Let's take a trip back.  The walls and ceiling were the butteriest of yellows and had definitely seen better days.  The curtains did their job but didn't jive for the mister.  I, however, love the print and, after removing the pleats, have been using them as temporary window coverings in my work room.  I AM ready to replace those though and dream of making myself a dress out of these!

We had the carpet replaced in the bedrooms and in my workroom.  The original carpet had been there for decades and we knew that once we moved in, it would probably be decades later before we got to changing it out.  The air quality changed immediately once we had them replaced and I'm so glad we decided to go ahead and tackle that.  BUT, we were less than thrilled with the company we used and the wear the new carpet is already exhibiting.  It's a love/hate relationship, for sure. 
The guest room didn't get any TLC for about a year and a half.  We straight up neglected its desire for a facelift.  Finally, I couldn't take it any longer.  I needed those walls to speak and I needed that room to function.  Change was on the horizon.
So beautiful and inviting, yes?  NOT!  We started with just choosing paint colors.  I knew I wanted the closet wall to be an accent color and for whatever reason, orange and blue seemed to keep speaking to me.  All of our bedrooms have partial vaulted ceilings which are a pain in the ass to paint for a shorty like me.  I love interior painting but I don't love standing on my tippy toes atop a ladder to do so.  You can see the height in the above photo.  I painted and I painted and I painted.  At first, we decided to keep the ceiling the butter color but once the wall colors were up, the butter was unbearable.  So we painted the ceiling white after the fact.  That was fun.  To be honest, before we started decorating and putting the room together, I second and third guessed our paint color choices.  I was NOT feeling it.  Once we started decorating though, it was perfect and I was thrilled with our choices. 
Now for gratuitous photos of stuff and my babbling about it all.  You're welcome. 

Let's start with the bed wall aka the tall wall aka the focal point.
Those lamps.  Those glorious, beautiful orange lamps.  I'm sure there is some fancy, specific name for them but I do not know that elusive name.  I just know I love them.  I found them at the flea market while hunting with one of my oldest friends.  Actually, she found them and I fell head over heals with them.  I had JUST finished painting this room and was specifically looking for lamps.  Enter, fate.  I got them for a steal.  
Both pieces of wall art were found at Retro Den.  I crushed on that large piece for-evah and finally pulled the trigger.  I looooove it.  I have a soft spot for pulled fabric wall art.  Brent bought me the crewel piece for Christmas.  I was shocked and elated!  It's not necessarily his speed but it is SO mine.  That's love, folks. 
Take a wild guess where those pillows came from??  My work room!  I did not intend for any of them to permanently reside with us but who I am I to argue with such cohesion?  That black and white tree fabric is early 70s Marimekko. I bought it in shambles for $1 and made my cuts as carefully as possible to create that one pillow.  It's probably one of my favorite pillows I've ever made.  The Estruscan style horse pillow?  That fabric came from the magical warehouse.  After much research, I've discovered how rare and desired that fabric is and I have it in four different colorways.  Swoon!  Those pillow cases in the back were once my Mimi's.  She gave me the whole set 15+ years ago and I made *fabric* wall art with the sheets but never hung up my finished project.  I wish so badly I still had that entire set!  At least I still have these pillows to hug.  Enough pillow talk.  Get it? 
The curtains are actually the FOURTH set I've made for this room and I'm certain that this is the final one!  This fabric also came from the warehouse and I don't think it could be anymore perfect for this room.  They are practically black out curtains when it's light outside so daytime guest nappers should be their biggest fan. 
I'll save the story of the bed frame for another post.  The side tables and the dresser came from our old bedroom.  One day (when I talk about the bed frame), I'll share what we replaced these with.  Possibly my favorite furniture finds evah! 
The other side of the room doesn't house much but it sure is functional for our needs!  This room is actually Brent's dressing room - I know, he's fancy! - so that dresser is alllll his.  The chair was one that I grew up with in my dad's shop.  I did not realize until we were done with this project how perfectly it fit in there.  The wall o' clocks is also something my dad had tucked away at the shop.  It plugs in and all of the clocks work!  When it is running though, it is SO loud so we opted to hide the cord and have it non-functioning for now.  I made the mirror when I was 16 years old.  If you find yourself in the guest room, give it a gander and I'll tell you all about it.  Perhaps not internet appropriate.  I'll likely need to put it away when Rio really starts to read!
The Jack cribbage board was something I found at an antique store randomly.  It was another one that I found right when the room was finished.  There was an existing nail already in that spot and the piece fit perfectly between the two doors.  I have toyed with moving it higher but for now, it stays. 
Yes, there is one corner not shown!  All that resides there is a constantly-used treadmill and an old printer's press drawer that I have filled with my tiny finds.  ZB (our crazy cat) loooooves to knock things off of it. 

There you have it, our guest room!  I really love passing through there and the environment we created.  It's been an enjoyable process getting it to this point.  Who knows how it will continue to evolve?!  Want to stay the night??

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