Monday, October 10, 2016

The TMQG Retreat and My Birthday!

Just a few weeks ago, I celebrated my 37th birthday!  This year, I did things just a little bit differently though.  My quilt guild ended up holding their annual retreat at a camp I grew up at the same weekend as my birthday.  It took me about five minutes to decide I'd be going and I'm so glad that I did!
I awoke that first morning of being 37 to beautiful weather, a pep in my step, and well-wishes from my fellow sewing friends.  My dear Mary and I started the day off with a short hike up to the top of the 'mountain' at Camp Egan.  It was such a delightful way to kick things off!  I went to this camp no less than twice a year for at least six years.  I had not been to the top of that hill in NINETEEN YEARS.  I felt like I was eighteen again.  My knees did not, but my spirit did!
After going up, we came down and traipsed all over that camp.  Sweet Mary politely listened while I relived camp memories galore and noted what had changed and what had stayed the same.  I could have probably reflected those same points in regards to myself, as well.  I had a few moments of calm clarity thanks to a few falling leaves and some grasshoppers that were more than what they seemed.
After our perfect walk and hike, it was a day filled with sewing, laughs (SO many laughs), homemade cupcakes (divine!), and just a good time all around.  Later that evening, my parents FINALLY landed back in Tulsa after a few weeks traveling around Italy.  Knowing they were home and secure was a great present in itself. 

So what did I make?  I selfishly sewed allllll weekend long which isn't something I get to do that often!  I completed two dresses, an Esme Maxi Cardigan (a loaned pattern that I'm IN LOVE with!), a little tank, and a new wallet! I also got pieces cut for a little quilt that I finished up yesterday.  I'll share that with you soon.  :)
It was SUCH a wonderful weekend.  I loved getting to know everyone better and seeing what everyone created.  These retreats are nonstop inspiration!  And it's such a positive, encouraging environment. 
Another attendee referred to our table as The Garment District which I thought was hilarious!  In hindsight, I guess we did churn out quite a few articles of clothing over there! 
Rain had been forecast for the entire weekend but I only encountered it on the last twenty minutes of my meandering drive home.
Once home, I was welcomed with a clean house, homemade cards, my father-in-law, a little cake (decorated by the mister!  Look at those skills!), and the sweetest little smile from my sidekick. 
 Not too shabby, 37!  Let's keep this momentum going, mmkay?

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