Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Three Baby Molehills

I think baby quilts are some of my favorite to make.  They are low pressure due to their size, they are typically quick finishes (for me), they are an opportunity to try new things, and they are made to welcome a wee one!  Recently, I finished three baby blankets which I've finally gifted and can now share!
I'm really not one to use a pattern to make a quilt.  Except for these.  I'm IN LOVE with this pattern.  I want to make a million more of these quilts!  Let me backtrack.  You may remember that in July, I scurried away to SewOK again.  It was there that I met the wonderful Latifah Saafir and had the opportunity to learn from her.  I didn't know much about her before the retreat other than she was one of the founding members of the Modern Quilt Guild.  By the end of the retreat, I was enamored with her and her works! 

These are SUCH a fun sew and really go together quickly.  You can make the fans with multiple fabrics (which I did a few of) but I really loved the effect of the full fans.  It's such a great way to showcase cool fabrics.  And the full fans help it go together quite quickly.  I promise, sewing curves is not as difficult as it looks!

And now, a closer look at these little quilts. 

The first goes to the son of my favorite librarian and clayworker, Hollyrocks.  I have had that rainbow fabric for many, many years and it's always reminded me of Holly.  I once told her that if she ever had a wee one, I knew what fabric her baby quilt would be made out of and I never forgot that!
The next quilt was actually my first of the trio; it's the one I made at SewOK!  You can see the pieced fans in this one.  In it, one of the fabrics I used was one that I've had since high school and have always looooved.  This quilt now resides with my favorite fiber artist, Tasha, and her perfect recent addition!  I can already tell that kid has great taste in textiles. 
The last one was my most recent finish but the one I've had in my head the longest!  Thom and Christine, the ma and pa of the arts and crafts scene and dear longtime friends of mine, welcomed the sweetest little gal into their world earlier this year.  It was such a special and unique time that I felt their quilt needed to be just right.  A molehill seemed to be the perfect fit for the fabrics I had chosen and I'm so happy with how it turned out.  Belated but worth the wait, I think!
I am honored that these three quilts will be living with such remarkable humans.  They will change the world, mark my words!  I'm so excited to see these three tiny babies grow up and shake up the world.  Kids, I hope someday you see how amazing your folks are and how lucky you are to have them guiding your way.  We are just as lucky to have you within our world. 

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  1. We LOVE our gorgeous quilt made by your skilled hands! It has truly become one of my most prized possessions. There's a quilting group that meets at my library, and they were there yesterday while I was at work. I was wishing I would've known in advance they were meeting that day, because I totally would have brought in the quilt you made us for some show-and-tell! I'm super proud to be friends with a talented and generous person like you.


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