Friday, January 6, 2017

Snow, Reflections, and A Budding Photographer

I had a dream that it snowed epic proportions last night.  This morning when a certain four-year old came bounding in our room, I told her to look outside for snow that we weren't forecast to experience.  To my surprise, she excitedly reported that it had snowed!  The snow-play avalanche of questions immediately followed.  When I finally convinced myself to emerge from the warm safety of bed, I saw the snow myself - a thin blanket only on the patio that looked to be more ice than anything else.  Apparently that was enough slickness to cause Tulsa to halt life so now here we are with a surprise snow day with a pinch of snow on the ground.  I'll take it.
I've spent the last few days reflecting on last year and dreaming about what I'd like to accomplish this year.  There were a few monumental things that happened in 2016.  Rio turned four!  I made a ton of potholders for Philbrook which honestly has felt like my crowning achievement of last year.  I finally made my business its own website.  The kid and I were a leaf/beetle duo for Halloween.  Brent and I celebrated ten years together!  I quit wearing make up, save bright red lipstick, and have been SO happy with that decision.  I also only bought a handful of clothes for myself from big box stores and instead bought secondhand or made my own clothes.  I spent a day as a pin up model, which I hope to talk about here in the near future.  And of course, I sewed my ass off.
For 2017, I have a few goals but nothing huge.  I've already been making an effort to be more physically active and a rogue gallbladder is helping with my dining choices.  I have some definite business goals but those stay in my little notebook this year.  I feel good about those things!  (My shop has been updated with more vintage supplies so if that's your bag, check it out!)
These perfect photos are the work of Rio.  We decided to get her a camera for Christmas as she LOVES to play with ours when allowed.  It's been a great decision.  Seeing the world through her eyes has been nothing less than entertaining and heartwarming.  She took 300 photos on day one. 
Now it's back to snow day bliss.  Until later, my friends.
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