Monday, March 20, 2017

Run Along Now

Today marks the first day back since spring break!  While my spring breaks of years passed usually centered around traveling, nowadays things are a little more low-key. 
For the past several months, I haven't been feeling top notch.  I could go into reasons why but in sum, I've been overwhelmed with life.  There are many why-factors.  I've battled anxiety for a good majority of my life and it recently hit a point where I had to make some changes in my world to properly combat it.  I stepped away from a volunteer position I've held for 15 years, I've been altering my diet considerably (more plant based, less processed foods - thanks sister!), I'm voraciously reading for pleasure (give me your recommendations!), and I've found myself running again after a five year hiatus.  I've been feeling notably better in these past three months.  I'm sleeping better, I feel stronger, my body is shifting (an unexpected and pleasant side-effect!), and I feel more present.

I've never considered myself a runner but I feel like that mentality is evolving.  In my late 20s, I would take Mondo for walks periodically and would jog a bit.  I didn't track my activity but I knew I felt better when I did it.  Then I had Rio and not too long after that, we moved.  I fell out of the habit of walks/jogs and I always found myself lamenting that lack of activity.  But I didn't do anything to change that.  Until recently. 

On New Year's Day (so predictable, I know) I made a point to go on a walk with Brent.  Every day after that for the next few weeks, I would either walk or do a 20 min yoga video (thanks YouTube!).  Something stuck.  They weren't long walks, just around our looooong block with Mondo and sometimes Rio.  I'd walk most and try to jog bits of it.  Then one day when I was leaving the house, I decided to drive my walking route to see how long it was.  It was exactly a mile!  After that, things changed.  I downloaded the Runkeeper app and started paying attention to what I was accomplishing on my little walks. 
I keep surprising myself by my progress!  I decided to sign up for the St. Patrick's Day 5K to kick off this spring break.  The weather was super cold and mighty wet but it was incredibly refreshing.  And I did it faster than I did five years ago!  I felt more prepared mentally and physically, and I feel like I have so much more room to improve which is exciting and motivating! 
Another motivating aspect of this change, is Rio.  Literally having her cheer me on and seeing me power through what I've once perceived as obstacles is so powerful.  At the run, she and Brent completed the 1 mile fun run together so we all raced that day! 
I'm hoping I can keep up this momentum and will continue to see changes in myself, mentally, physically, and emotionally.  The rewards are the best when I go on the days I don't feel like going.  I have to remember that. 
And don't worry, I'm still sewing like a crazy woman!  I'm just attempting to give myself better time constraints on it.  I'm finishing up a monumental quilt, I've updated the shop with a few more things, and I recently had an epic fabric sale at Owl & Drum

Oh, and my opening photo to this post?  We bought a kite, walked to a nearby school, and had the best time flying.  I would venture to say it's been 30 years since I've flown a kite.  So overdue.  So much fun.  Perfect way to end spring break.
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