Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Me Made May, Take Two

Yes, we're well past the middle of June but let's talk about May.  Last year, I participated in #memademay for the first time.  Participated is a loose way to explain it.  Basically, you commit on your own to wearing something you've made every day of May.  You get no rewards, there are no prizes, and no one keeps tabs on your progress.  After taking part in this last year, I already knew I would do it again this year.  And I did. 

You're encouraged to share a photo of it on social media, but that's certainly not necessary if that's not your bag.  I enjoy the periodic challenge of consistent photo documentation, so I posted a photo each day.  One of my favorite parts of this year's challenge was that Rio was my photographer for all but six of my photos!  She was a fantastic photographer who allowed me to loosen up in front of the camera.  Basically, she would take 50 photos in one minute so I would just move about wildly for a minute.  After, I'd go through the batch and was always able to find several that I loved.  She had a blast being the photographer as well and knew why we were taking photos.  If she didn't remember a garment I was wearing, she'd ask to confirm if I had made it or not.  After the confirmation, she would comment that I must have made it when she was two years old because she doesn't remember anything before then.  Love her thought processes.

Last year's challenge was more, well, challenging.  This year, I had a plethora of handmade clothes that I'd been amassing so I had more options to choose from for my outfits.  It's amazing how much I've learned in regards to clothing construction over the past year and how many garments I had made!

My thoughts on ethical clothing choices have not really changed over the past year.  If anything, they have intensified and I have become more passionate in regards to the origins of my clothing.  It seems that desire is spreading, thankfully.
Last year, I shared my outfits without any order.  This year, I would like to group them together for you.

First, garments made from patterns by Yoshiko Tsukiori, specifically from the book Stylish Party Dresses.  I have a few other of her books but that one is by far my favorite.  The patterns take some great focus and time to trace out but I've made multiples from each of them that I've traced.  I also think the dart placements are a little odd, so that's something to think about if you attempt any of her darted garments.  I've added hidden and exterior pockets to each of these as well.  These dresses are BY FAR my favorites in my closet and I wear them ALL of the time. 
My second category is self-drafted patterns.  Or 'wing it' garments.  Many of these were made by trying to recreate some of my favorite clothing items, by attempting to create something from scratch, or simply refashions.  I think the results were pretty good!
Next up, vintage patterns, which includes patterns from the fifties to the eighties in this post!  Can you guess each decade of each pattern?  ;)  These are always a little challenging because the pattern sizing varies from modern clothing and because each pattern company seemed to have their own way of explaining how to do things.  Patterns with few diagrams or photos are my least favorite.  Also, I'm preeeeetty sure that I made changes to each of these patterns as I went through them.  The shorts, I actually learned to grade on and sized them up more than half of the pattern size!  That was magical.
Finally, modern patterns!  Compared to the vintage patterns, these are a walk in the park!  These include (in order as pictured) the Esme Maxi Cardigan, the Gallery Tunic, the Washi Dress, the Wiksten Dress, the Pearl Shift Dress, and a knit wrap that I can't recall the pattern for.
 And that's that!

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