Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Rio's Friendly Flock

A few weeks ago, Rio and I created a flock together!  Our OKC trip was just around the corner and I knew we'd be running into several kiddos that she hadn't met before, so I thought having some 'hello' gifts would be nice for her to hand out.  Plus, I am a HUGE proponent of making gifts, so it's something that I hope to pass along to her.
I thought a fun project for us to complete together would be some stuffed birds!  She has a few of these already that I had made and that I had bought at craft shows.  I knew they were pretty simple and would be enjoyable to her.  I used a pattern that I've had forever that I found online.  When I searched for it to link today, I found this interesting story about the pattern!

I brought my scrap bin to work and explained the two pattern pieces to Rio the best that I could.  One piece must be cut on the fold, which was a new concept for her.  She went through the scraps and found pieces that would fit the fold piece and found other pieces that would fit the belly piece, all by herself!  That evening when we returned home, she matched which body and belly fabrics she would like to go together.  We talked a bit about contrast and going bold while she did this.  I think she aced it.  Then I sewed the bodies of one bird so she could understand how it would go together.  Then the power went out!  Ha!  I gave her a quick lesson in bird stuffing and she finished one up that afternoon.  That evening, after she had gone to bed, the power came back on (yay!) and I finished sewing up the bodies of the other birds.

The next day, we brought all of the bird business back up to work and she stuffed birds all day long!  I can say with confidence that she is a much better stuffer than I will ever be!  I sewed up the ends of them that evening, and then she had her gifts ready to distribute!
It was SO enjoyable to do this small project together.  We each had our jobs but ultimately, it was her creativity and eye for color that gave the birds life.  I only sewed up some seams.  It was also so wonderful to see her pick out which birds she wanted to give to her new friends, and then to see her hand them over.  She was so proud!  Heart swells!
I'm trying to make the most of our summer together before she starts school next month (!!) and this was one more special memory to add to our list.

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