Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Captured In The Workroom

Back in July, an old friend came to town with his camera.  Michael contacted me before his travels to see if we could shoot together.  Um, yes!!  Rio and I were very excited about his arrival.  In fact, we made a flock so we could send home a few birdies to his girls.

I LOVE these photos.  It's just us, being us.  Most are in the workroom, where I spend most of my time at home.  It was a wonderfully hot summer day, the sun was beaming, and life was moving along.

Just like in the photos, I'm forever surrounded by cats and my sidekick.  Vera is no spring chicken.  She's 19 and happily lives most of her time in the laundry room, away from her annoying little brother.  Her age shows most of the time, but her spirit is still as strong as ever.  ZB is about two and a half now and shows no signs of slowing down.  I've met a lot of cats in my years (that's an understatement!) and he is by far, one of the craziest I've ever encountered!  As nutso as he is with everyone else, he and Rio are totally simpatico.

Rio started school last week.  Like big kid school.  She's doing great!  I'm doing OK with it.  My emotional response to her transition has honestly surprised me!  It's hard to believe she'll be five in a little over a month.  She loves when I joke about stacking bricks on her head to slow her growth down; a joke my family told me growing up as well.  Now it makes more sense than it ever has before.

No photos of Brent in this batch, but rest assured he was literally outside of the frame working on the yard.  He's quite the outside enthusiast and he excels with it.  Mondo was certainly not far from him, sunbathing and drinking from the bird bath.

So thank you, Michael for capturing these moments and memories for us.  I cherish them greatly.

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