Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Selfies, Sharks, School, and Summer

Here I am, finding myself with a few extra minutes in my day, so I thought I'd share a few updates with ya.  How's that sound?
Accidental selfie taken while trying to capture a lizard.
What does Bob Ross say?  Happy accidents?
Let's start with school. In my world, semesters are only twelve weeks long, so my classes start late and end early.  I taught a heavier load this past spring, and it was wonderful!  We ended a little over a month ago, but Rio had a month of school left to go.  This allowed me a month of catching up on life, sewing, and breathing.  I took in more yoga classes, hand stitched my heart out, and did some preparations for this crazy month of June I've found myself in.  
The last day of school!  She was officially the tallest kid in her class!
I started teaching a night class last night for the summer, and I feel like it's going to be a good one!  It's a TOEFL Prep class, meaning it is a class all about how to pass a very difficult test.  It's grammar heavy and I love it.  The students may not though.  ;)  

I've heard about the craziness of summer camps and I'm feeling it this year.  Not only will I be teaching three art camps at Philbrook starting next week (!!), but Rio will be hopping all over town this summer at her own camps!  It's exciting for all of us.  
ZB inspecting some of my supplies for Art Camp!  Claw-ity control?  
A while back, the kid's school hosted Book Character Day.  It seemed that most of the students and their parents were busy preparing costumes from children's fiction books, but Miss. Rio wanted to be a Great White Shark from one of her 'nature books.'  Who am I to say no to a costume like that?!  Crunched for time, I did some googling of other shark costumes that people had created and took mental notes of what I liked from all of them.  Most involved hacking into a hoodie jacket, but I really don't know where to find grey hoodies in a pinch!  So, this is what I came up with.  I was pretty proud of it!  And amazingly, it only took two hours to come together!  
One exciting afternoon, we had a bit of a scare at our house.  Our alarm indicated that someone had broken in through breaking some glass.  Long story short, we rushed home to find out that Vinny, our puppy (did I tell you all we got a puppy last December?  He's certifiably crazy.) had squeezed out of his kennel and run amok, having the time of his life.  We were thankful no one had actually broken in and that, while it looks otherwise, there was no damage.  Check out the shredded book we found in the middle of the floor.
At least he's a good running buddy, even if he's not into the selfies.  Speaking of, I'm a year and a half into consistently running!  I'm still slow, but I'm faster than I used to be!  And suddenly one day, I was able to run twice the distance I'd been working on before!  Feels so good.
Last weekend was the Green Country Quilt Show.  I had submitted my End of the Forest Quilt and, while I didn't place, I did get a sponsor's choice ribbon!  I was in competition with the pros, so I was very happy with my results.  It was my first go at a judged show!  I DID win something else though - a 30 yard role of batting!  OMG!  Pretty jazzed about that business!
In other summer news, we've all already gotten our first tint of the sun.  Some of our good friends have a lovely pool that they love to fill with friends.  It's heavenly and refreshing.  As a child, I spent my entire summer in our backyard pool and I miss it immensely.  Thankful for our group of friends and their generosity.
And finally, to end this incoherent post, we'll land on the sewing table.  I've finished up three quilts that I've yet to share with you (soon, my dears!) and am currently deep into making a custom dress for my number one client - Rio.  Think rainbows and lace and cat pockets.  It's something else.
Until later!

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