Thursday, December 20, 2018

Since We Last Spoke...

It's been about four months since I last wrote here.  It's been so long, it's hard to know where to start!  Needless to say, it's been a busy fall.  A quick summation of the past quarter (and then some) will now follow, with photos as I can find them.  Ha!


This summer I taught three art camps at Philbrook, which I thoroughly documented right here.  During that same time, I taught a night class which was a high level ESL TOEFL prep class (aka, nonstop grammar dissection!  Yay!).  I found myself with a few weeks off before diving into a very heavy fall semester.  I taught four classes, which I hadn't done for many years.  It was wonderful and exhausting all at the same time.  This year, my confidence with teaching has grown exponentially.  That's not to say that I don't have off days or find some situations challenging (I learn something new in every single class I teach!), but I trust myself more and know that I am very competent in my field.  It feels good to feel and say that out loud.
I don't think I ever mentioned it here, but earlier this year, I had the opportunity to attend my first international professional conference, TESOL in Chicago.  It was SO rejuvenating, insightful, and affirming.  Sharing a space with thousands of people in the same discipline was monumental in my professional world.


First and foremost, my little sister got married in August!  !!!!!!!!!!!  While she and her husband live in the LA area, they decided to get hitched in Tulsa, which made the whole thing extra special.  It was a gorgeous joining of two lives, and it was a joyous celebration.  Rio was the ethereal flower girl, I was the bawling matron of honor, and Brent was a handsome groomsman.  It was one of the highlights of the year.  I also did a lot of sewing for their wedding - ties and pocket squares for the menfolk, clergy stole made from a print of a painting by my mom, and the ring bearer's pillow.
One of my cousins also got married this summer!  She also lives in the LA area but got hitched in Oklahoma, so my mom and I made a road trip to be there for their union.  It was perfect!  I'm so proud of my cousin, and excited for her future.  Her husband is a lucky man.
Speaking of weddings, in March, Brent and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary!  Talk about in the blink of an eye!
Rio recently turned six, just a few days after I turned thirty-nine.  Let's focus on her aging for now.  ;)  She's such a big kid now!  She's in kindergarten now reading and doing math (quite honestly better than I can!), cracking jokes, helping out around the house, and being the most affectionate kid I know.  I'm not a hugger, but I'll certainly take her hugs.  Hard to believe how time truly has flown.  So cliche, so true.
Today we are celebrating one year with our puppy Vinny.  I know he's been mentioned before, but perhaps he needs more airtime here.  He's QUITE the character.  He was a dumped pup that some friends found.  I was still dealing with the passing of my dear Vera, and felt like we needed a new animal around.  Enter Vincente Paz.  He's come SO far, and is really a sweet, sweet guy, but he is a ball of energy!  He definitely keeps us on our toes!
Mondo isn't his biggest fan, but we're Mondo's biggest fans.  He's almost twelve, and is really starting to show his age.  He's still perfect and we're still enamored with him.
ZB, Rio's crazy cat, will be four soon.  He and Rio are true BFFs, even though he continuously chews up everything.  Yesterday he opened up two Christmas presents I had just wrapped.  Thanks, ZB.  Even he and Vinny are pretty close.  They antagonize each other all day long, and sometimes they end up bathing each other by the end of day.


This year, I decided to make a rudimentary sewing To Do list and a Done list.  I'm excited to analyze it at the end of the year!  Since July, I've made four commissioned quilts that I can't wait to share.  Commissions were a huge part of this past year, and I hope to make them even more so for 2019.  I sewed again for Philbrook for the holidays, just not 500 trees.  Ha!  I am VERY excited to share my next upcoming collaboration with them for next year.  It's still a secret for now!

(That's a quilted TV cover below!)
Rio was a turkey vulture for Halloween.  Add that under the list of things I never thought I'd sew!  I was an Oxford Comma.  That's a costume that's sure to confuse everyone you encounter!
A few weeks ago, I produced the 9th Annual Alliday.  It's always a good time, and I'm always glad to have done it.  I'm also always happy when it's done.  :)

Random Stuff

In July, I celebrated my 20th High School Reunion!  That's a hard one to swallow!  I really still feel like I'm about 17 years old, and I'm still incredibly close with so many of my high school friends.  It was quite the weekend, and one that took me a few days to recover from.  Made that twenty year mark a little easier to belief afterwards.  ;)

I'm still actively exercising and eating a vegetarian diet.  So thankful for both of those changes.  I ran the 5K in the Tulsa Run in October just a few weeks after recovering from walking pneumonia.  Not quite as fast as I had hoped, but I did it!  I have hit so many yoga goals this year, too!  Just this week I did a forearm stand for the first time.  What that wha!?  Yoga has helped me feel SO strong in SO many ways this year.
Oh, and I cut all of my hair off.  Again

In closing, I feel like I've missed sharing so many things.  I guess that's what happens when you step away from a space for so long.  But I'm back.  I've figured out how to log back in again (seriously, that was an issue), and I'm wanting to share bits of my world in long form again.  Whenever I find time to go down the rabbit hole of my own blog posts from years past, I'm so grateful that I took time to write those posts, as useless or strange as they may be.

Until later.

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  1. Your life has so many wonderful things in it. Thank you for sharing with us!


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