Saturday, February 5, 2011

Greeting Cards Turned Recipe Cards

I have a tendency to hang on to things.  Forever.  My mister jokingly calls me a hoarder.  I call myself a collector :)  While I do keep and collect, I'm far from the folks on the popular hoarding shows.  I clean and purge my closets pretty consistently and I try to do something with what I keep!

The mister and I got hitched three years ago next month.  Anybody who's gotten married, graduated or had a kiddo knows the amount of cards one receives is insane!  Some of the artwork is too beautiful to throw out and the words and wisdom that some share really blow me away!  The mister and I both agree that these sentimental cards are something to keep.  But they add up.  And space becomes scarce.  So what's a 'collector' to do?

Here's a simple fix!  Get a pencil, scissors or cutting apparatus, 3x5 vocabulary card and your greeting cards!
Years before we got married, I *think* I read this in a magazine?  It's been so long ago, I'm not quite sure where I heard it from!  All I know is that it stuck with me and I knew I'd be doing it one day!
I cut off the backs of the cards where people shared their kind words.  I also didn't touch the handmade, truly touching, unusual or cards that came from VIFM (very important family members ;)  Those that didn't make the cut, pun intended, will go into a memory box in the attic.

So what do you do?  Just trace over the 3x5 card on the back of the greeting card front and cut to size.  

Once cut, flip the card over and write a favorite recipe on it!  EASY!  And you're actually using those dust-gathering greeting cards!  I ended up cutting about 45 recipe cards out of my batch and wrote about 20 recipes that needed to be transcribed.  I store my recipes in a vocabulary card box, organized by type of dish (entree, dessert, salad...) and in alphabetical order in their sections.  

I had intended on sharing some of my handwritten recipes with you but my handwriting is far from spectacular on them making them hard to read. I feel sorry for my students ;)    Here's one for some countrified Squash Patties if you can make out my chicken scratch!

If you're like me and can't read my handwriting, here's some links to some tasty recipes I've made while being snowed in!  The ridiculously tasty and rockin' Elvis Cookies and the best Potato Soup I've made to date (minus the half & half, cheese and bacon - added bacon drippings instead).

Today we'll be dining on some sort of black bean concoction.  We'll see how that goes!

So tell me, what do you do with the mounds of greeting cards you have?  And how do you store your recipes?


  1. What an adorable and clever idea! That's pretty nifty. And Happy Anniversary to you lovebirds! ♥

  2. This is so awesome. Too bad I didn't do it YEARS ago!

  3. What a creative idea! I've recently started scanning invitations, cards, etc. simply to save space. You are right though, some cards will never be tossed (or re-purposed) because they are too special.

    I described how I store my recipes here:


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