Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's In My {NEW} Bag?

I think I've mentioned before that the mister and I will soon be celebrating our third wedding anniversary!  March 29th to be exact!

A couple of weeks ago, the ridiculously talented Felix & Jane began releasing her new line of uh-mazing bags on etsy.  I went on and on about her bags to my mom and mister that week but didn't expect anything to result from it.  I go on and on about all sorts of things all of the time :)  So one Saturday night after I had gone to bed, the mister found her shop through my etsy faves and bought me one of her bags for an anniversary present!

Fast forward to the following Sunday morning.  The mister awoke a bit earlier than I did and began making waffles (his new weekend ritual which I LOVE) while I laid in bed loving on the kitties and playing on my phone.  While going through my email on my phone, I had a purchase confirmation for a bag from F&J!  I kept going over it in my head again and again trying to figure out if I was sleep walking and did some online shopping or what!  I was super confused!

So I headed to the kitchen and asked the mister if he had bought a fancy new bag which he responded with wide eyes and a intrigued "WHY?"  Apparently I was still logged into my etsy account when he bought my gift which is why I got the confirmation email.  While it didn't go quite as he had planned, he still surprised me wonderfully AND I got to use the bag when it arrived instead of having to wait until the end of the month!  Two weeks later and we're still laughing about it :)
So the bag is insanely awesome.  So much room, I've been filling it to the brim daily!  In addition to what you see below, there was also a camera, my phone and a roll of about 7 necklaces!  
Here's what was in my bag last Thursday:
-2 checkbooks, one given to me at the first Deluxe from a neighboring artist whom I cannot recall 
-travel kleenex for my 90 year old self
-chapstick, eye glass cleaner and lipstick holder
-camera cables
-a steampunk broach that I will soon be turning into a necklace (in box)
-Backwoods cigars (yes I smoke about 2 cigars a month and Backwoods are my fave thanks to my Pops :)
-my thyroid medicine which I take daily and have since I was a wee tike
-Chuck Palahniuk's Snuff (not for those easily offended)
-green hard case card holder
-half of a package of skittles :)
-a pack of green Trident gum which I have seriously been chewing religiously for almost 20 years
-and a fortune cookie fortune!

Two questions for you today:  
Have you ever had a surprise not go as planned? 
What's the strangest thing in your bag RIGHT NOW?

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  1. I wish I had something fun and strange in my bag so I could give you a super cool answer. Pete & Paul wallet, 2 checkbooks (no fancy covers), I do have chapstick that has a baseball as the lid. Hmm, I will try to do better with odd things. ;-) I do have lots of Persimmon Hollow flyers! I need to get on top of talking that up more!!


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