Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baubles Benefiting Fuzzies!

It's finally here!  My first show as Bifftastica!  The show is THIS Saturday from 9-5 at Central Park Hall at the Tulsa Fairgrounds and it benefits the Animal Rescue Foundation!  I'm elated that I will be surrounded by many of my make:Tulsa friends at this show :)  Not only will we all be there, but there will also be loads of door prizes (including a vacation package!) and lots of fuzzy pups available for adoption!
 So why else should you come?  Well, I will be debuting SO many new pieces and will have sale items aplenty!  Here's a sampling of some of the new you'll find!
So come on out, support your local makers and your local rescue groups!  I truly hope to see you there!


  1. Oh I wish I lived in Tulsa already so that I could go to this/be a part of it! Such a good cause. I can't wait to get settled in Tulsa and discover all of the nifty art festivals & craft shows :) I hope your first show as the new you goes swimmingly!

  2. I'm in LOOOOOOVE with that very first necklace. And the second... ok ok and all of them!

    I need to wear more of your goodies more often instead of saving them for the one day a week I dress up - church! ;)


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