Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Restocking the Vintage

It doesn't feel like I've had as much time as normal to hit sales on the weekends but when I have gone out, I've been finding good deals left and right!  Here's some of the clothing scores in the past week.  NOTHING was over $1.00!  Most of these came from a gigantic church garage sale last Thursday while the cream shirt came from GAST and the stellar gloves from the Flea Market.

While this dress is a few sizes too big for me, I'm wearing it with pride (and cinched up with an oversized belt) today!  
 There's even a fancy schmancy matching shirt which I will not be wearing with the dress :)  It's perfect with a pair of jeans.  I LOVE those poppies all over it!
 I was so stoked to find this shirt...
 ...and then to discover that I had also bought the matching skirt...
 ...that is the PERFECT fit on me!  And it's pretty much my favorite color EVAH!
 A nice, bright yellow, lightweight shirt perfect for spring and fall.
 The most precious vintage gloves that seem to have been made just for my tiny hands!
 I have an EXTREME weakness for flowy, polyester nightgowns so I'm in love with this one.  It does make me look like I'm 90 years old though...sometimes I feel sorry for the mister ;)
 THE cream, polyester shirt that I became immediately smitten with the moment I saw it.
 And finally, one more bright, floral polyester number that reminds me 100% of my Granny :) 
 It's even got super deep pockets :)
In my teens and early twenties, I wore SO much vintage and had a killer collection of broom skirts.  Over the years, I slowly got rid of most of those formerly prized possessions due to jobs that weren't quite a fan of my crazy dress and to make room for new finds.  I've recently been lamenting the absence of all of those gems! I guess that's why I've been hunting out so much vintage lately!  Filling that void from my fashion past ;)  That's not to say that some didn't survive the past purges though - my nightgowns, most of my vintage dresses and my Puritan sweaters have never left my side :)

Are there clothes from your past that you wish you still had?  How do you deal with that loss?!?  ;)


  1. Those poppy's are totally you!!! And don't worry, I think the mister loves you despite your choices in nighttime apparell!

  2. These are all SUPER. I really like the olive skirt/shirt combo, if you could find an appropriate hat and some badges it would make a fantastic WASP costume.


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