Tuesday, April 12, 2011

shows. Shows. SHOWS!!!

Shew!  First Bifftastica show DONE!  While it wasn't a big ol' money maker, it was still a fun time!  Loads of my friends came to visit, pups were available for adoption so there were super cute fuzzies everywhere and the vendors were superb!  
 I've been experimenting with different display ideas lately and tried a few out at this show.  One of which was hauling the antique dress form out from my Kanokla trip with my pops!  I stuck it towards the front of my booth with a few spring time bags and a matching necklace.  It really seemed to draw in some attention!  Pretty sure it will come to future shows as well :)
 The necklace did get a little lost amongst the bag patterns and the wire of the form but people still seemed to notice it!  I clipped a couple smaller handbags to the bottom of it but may not do that in the future.
 I repainted one of the old laundry racks we've used for years white and hung various bags and earrings on it. 

The earring rack is also from the Kanokla trip. I organized the earrings according to their price range this time and I believe I'll continuing that in the future!  I was seconds away from painting the rack white as well the other night but decided to give it a bit longer as a redhead.  Sometimes it's so hard for me to alter antiquey things!  What do you think?  Paint it?  Leave it red?   
 You may remember the display boards I made last fall.  Well, I'd had it in my head that I'd like a few more, just taller and more slender.  Well, I finally got around to making two more and I think they added so much more visual interest!  A random shopper even commented on how much she liked them. I'm not sure she knows how much I appreciated that :)  Makes the blisters on the palm of my hand seem worth it!
 I also packed in a coat rack from home to pile on MORE bags that I have.  I can't believe how many bags I've made in the past six months!  I must sell more before I make more!  
 Like I said, the vendors were awesome and I'm lucky to call many my friends!  Next door was my friend SomerKnits...
 ...and next to her was Gleeful Peacock!
Other highly enjoyable vendors that I didn't make it around to get shots of were Sunshine and Carousels, Two Dog Designs (which is where I got some uh-mazing antique lantern slides!) and Bohemian Romance!

Next week I'll be participating in Polishing the Pearl, a two day event to beautify a portion of Tulsa that I've spent SO much of my life in!  Myself and many other make:Tulsa members will have a pop up shop at 6th & Peoria Friday and Saturday! There is a huge line up of bands to play and food and drink will be aplenty!  I'm so excited to see this portion of town continue to evolve and become an amazing district!  


  1. You know, despite some of the things like low traffic and low sales, I still had a wonderful time getting to hang out with my make:Tulsa friends. I think our pop-up shop this weekend will be even more awewsome! And I really liked your booth, it looked great!

  2. I think the display boards you made are great! I love how you revamped them :) I bet its wonderful having a hubby with power tool skills, haha!


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