Friday, April 1, 2011

Workspace Snapshot: Rebranding (& a little fuzz)

If you're new to this blog, or to my world, you probably don't know that I've been in the crafting/artsy scene for quite a few years (close to 13!) under the name SheezKrafty (close to 7!).  I shared this off and on with a few friends and finally decided that I wanted to work alone; that I needed to rebrand and rethink my creative direction, hence Bifftastica was born!
Rebranding is LOTS of work and it's been a long process starting over but a very refreshing and positive one.  My first show as Bifftastica is next Saturday, April 9th at the Tulsa Fairgrounds and benefits the Animal Rescue Foundation (YAY!) which means I'm in the midst of retagging EVERYTHING.  
I inventory all of the necklaces I make so not only have I been switching tags, but I've been updating my inventory logs, reducing prices on oooooooold pieces (there will be good steals next weekend!) and  trying to simplify my processes and image.  Exciting and nerve racking all at the same time :)
 Now all my necklaces have been retagged, with the exception of a few new ones, and earrings are next in line!  With a malfunctioning computer at home I've had to find time on my work computer to knock these things off of my to do list!  I've found myself wondering if other crafters/artists produce their own tags or source those type of things out? 
 I think things look much more crisp, clean and professional.  I'm giving myself my own seal of approval :)
And to leave you on a fuzzy note, while working the other night on tags, I glanced over to the guest bed and saw this little fuzzy lady kneading a spot on her favorite blanket with her head securely resting on a small NECK FORM!  Comfortably!  It was quite adorable and laughable :)
 If you're starting your own crafty business or are in a transition stage like myself, there's a wonderful series going on Deluxe's blog by the fantabulous Sweetheartville.  It seems like their posts have come at the perfect time for me!  I wouldn't miss these if I were you!  

Until Later!

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