Monday, May 16, 2011

Fiber Fest Fun

Yesterday was the second annual Spring Fiber Fest in south Tulsa at 'The Barn' which a hidden gem  beautifully situated in an area more woodsy than the Tulsa most of us know :)  The weather was wonderful with a slight hint of a chill which is perfect for those selling knitwear!  
I opted for an indoor spot due to the uncertainty of Oklahoma weather :)
The indoors area is literally a charming barn!  Beautiful for pictures, not so beautiful for allergies ;)
I love this shot of my dear friend Nikki.
I wish I was more knowledgeable about spinning wheels and fiber arts in general!  Regardless, I'm simply amazed at the different types of wheels and yarn that vendors bring to this show.
One of the aspects I anticipated the most and that ended up being my favorite part of the show were the live alpacas!  I even ended up winning some soft-as-sin alpaca yarn!  They were SO cute.  And I took SO many pictures of them...I will spare you all of them though :)  Pretty sure I need a herd of these guys at some point in my life.
Various classes were held throughout the day some of which were geared towards the younger guests of the day.  Somer was one of the wonderful volunteers to help out with this.
A beautiful way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  
Next weekend is the epic Blue Dome Arts Festival which runs Friday - Sunday in the Blue Dome District in downtown Tulsa!  More info soon about that!  :)

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  1. This is such a beautiful event! The setting is serene and perfect. And those alpacas are TOO cute! If you do end up with your very own herd of them, you should definitely let me come over and pet them. ;-)


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