Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Looking Through

As the seasons have been changing lately, we've been moving plants outside which has freed up much space around the house!  The other day we cleaned off the kitchen window sill which is home to many small plants and sometimes tends to get overgrown.  With it a bit more of that area opened up now, we finally put up some of the lantern slides we picked up from Two Dogs Designs at the ARF show last month!  We also put out the cutest little succulent from the cutest little Hollyrocks :)
I've learned so much from my antiquing father about these lantern slides and now I want more, More, MORE!  They would slide down at the end of a specially built lantern and would project the image on the wall during the turn of the century.  Of course when I brought them up to my pops, he pulled out one of these special lanterns AND a box full of COLOR slides depicting bible stories that a traveling preacher would use for revivals!  They are really something.  

For now, we've just leaned ours up against the west window to catch the purty sunsets behind them.  We've anchored them with some rocks I've collected over the years but eventually would like to figure out a way to hang them.  Perhaps after the collection grows...  For now, here's our first three!
 I love looking through these, looking into the past.

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