Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Finally, A Truce!

During the blizzard in early February, my sewing machine and I got into a huge fight.  I tried to make up with it but it just wouldn't have it.  I pondered counseling but I didn't think it would help.  Its silent treatment was deafening and I didn't think I could take much more of this long, drawn out argument so finally, last week we made up after some kind words, new threads and a renewed desire to conquer this machine!

I've been finishing little projects that have been stacking up the sewing hiatus and have been playing around with some fabrics that I had acquired over the past few months.  One fabric I was excited to play with was a green floral print that I intended to make into a loose fitting tank as seen below the big ball of orange fluff below (can you tell I like wild patterns? ;) but of course, things didn't go as planned so a short-sleeved summer jacket was made!
We've had an old friend staying with us off an on recently and I was thrilled to have her be my widdle model for the afternoon!  Big time thanks to her for being fantastic and for spending time with us!  The jacket looks a million times better on her than it does me :)
 I was REALLY proud of my poofy sleeves which I will most definitely try to do again!  This was day one of getting back on track with the ol' cranky machine so my stitching wasn't the best.  Not too concerned about that though ;)
 One of my oops during the construction of this top was accidently cutting a slit in the BACK of the garment while cutting my opening up the front!  I was SO frustrated with myself!  But it's not horribly noticeable and I think I've dreamt up a way to fix it :)
So in the end, I really do like it, even with all of its imperfections!  I still have a bit of this fabric left so I'm sure you'll be seeing it again soon :)

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