Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fuzzy and Famous

A certain fuzzy love of mine and I had an incredibly eventful morning today!
 About a month ago, I got an email forward from the shelter I volunteer with, StreetCats, about a production company in Chicago preparing to shoot a granite commercial here in town.  They were looking for a grey tabby who exhibits a laid back purrsonality.  I was feeling frisky, I suppose, so I responded to the email with a few photos of my grey beauty rescued from StreetCats almost ten years ago.  She continued to make it through each of the rounds until she was selected to be one of the three cats to attend the shoot!
 The filming location was the actual showroom here in town.  When we arrived, it was a full fledged film set!  There were tables and tables of food and drinks INCLUDING cat treats :)  The director came through and checked out the three cats and ended up choosing my 13 year old baby!  
 We were there for about four hours, with her being shot for three of them!  One of those hours I spent on my back, laying in a fake bathtub making cat calls to lure her to the tub.  At one point while I was hiding, I heard someone watching the monitor say, "Man, did we find the perfect cat or what!"  I was so proud :)
I don't think she could have done any better especially in an unfamiliar area with 30+ strangers, being handled by so many random people, and with dogs and large equipment everywhere!  Sometimes I wish I had her demeanor in strange situations ;)  

I found out later in the morning that the company is actually a worldwide company and the commercial will air nationwide!  I will most certainly share it when it airs in August :)  Signed paw autographs available upon request.  She only asks for loving in return.


  1. What a little starlet! This is a fun story, and I can't wait to see the commercial.

  2. That is SOOOOOOO awesome! You must be so proud of Vera. Did she like the cat treats? LOL Wow, what an experience for both of you!
    Mary Taylor
    Streetcats volunteer

  3. This is just such an awesome post, your kitty is such a cutie!!! ♥

    Mine is a right-old scaredy cat haha who bolts at every opportunity and from all strangers.

    The Cat Hag

  4. Awwwww!!!!! I absolutely CANNOT wait to see this commercial. So excited for you both!! What a cutie!!

  5. Yay!! That is soooo awesome!! Congrats!!
    Looking forward to seeing the commercial!


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