Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Handmade Birthday

The main reason I jetted over to visit my sister last week was to celebrate her 26th birthday!  I try to pack lightly when I travel and for a trip with lots of shopping on the agenda, I needed to REALLY pack lightly this time around.  But I also wanted to bring my sister a few presents so I brought this scary looking package :)
The 'bow' was an old t-shirt (maybe one of hers??) turned into a summer scarf.  The look on her face in this picture cracks me up.  It's one of those, "Oh, gee thank you" faces ;)
I pulled these two little folks off of a necklace I picked up for pennies to turn into matching keychains, one for each of us.  Perfect for holding her new apartment keys!
Sometimes my poor sister gets some of my crafting experiments, such as the below gift.  This was once a shirt that our dad wore for years.  I grabbed it on its way to Goodwill and attempted a little skirt out of it!
Finally, per her request, I fashioned up a little summer dress that I am pretty proud of!  It was hard for a novice sewer like me to get the measurements right without her standing in front of me (this is why I only sew clothes for myself most of the time!) but I was pleased that it seems to work!  I can't wait to see her style it up, without jeans on underneath ;)
To me, handmade gifts are the way to go.  I sure hope the recipients of my gifts feel the same way ;)

There's STILL more to come on my trip including an emotional art experience, a little cat scratch fever and playing around in some amazing gardens :)  Until later!

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