Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pinkie & Blue Boy

This summer has been absolutely jammed packed with awesomeness, so much so that I'm way behind in my updates for you!  We just finished up the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival which I will have many posts to cover all of the goodness that the festival produces!  Until then, I still have a few more West Coast posts to finish up!

If you recall, I went to visit my sister in the LA area last month for a very quick weekend trip.  Most of the trip was unplanned and very relaxed with one very important exception for a very important reason:  a trip to The Huntington Museum.  
Bear with me as I'm preparing to go into a bit of a tangent but for a very good reason :)

I was born into a houseful of cats.  I've never known life without one and can't imagine a home being a home without a feline.  
When I was about 6 or 7, we began our family of 'the four' cats that would live with us for the next two decades.  Alice was the first (pictured below on my stomach), followed by Sasha (the cat who sparked my obsession for fluffy, social kitties), Blue Boy (the shy, lone male) and Pinkie (the cat who stole my heart).
Pinkie and Blue Boy were young, feral siblings who we caught and took in when their mother disappeared.  They were scared of the world and it took us a loooooong time to get them comfortable with us.  My mom named them after two prints of some paintings she fancied that hung in her high school growing up.  As the years continued, we became familiar with the imagery they were named after but didn't think much more of it.
While I loved (and still do) all of those cats, Pinkie was my baby.  (Pardon my youthful photography ;)
Without getting too weepy (too late on this end), Pinkie was the first of the four we lost after a long illness.  I doctored her for a long time until we lost her when I was 18.  Fourteen years later and it's still hard for me to think about.

In a nutshell, it was Pinkie and Blue who taught me to be patient with animals (AND people) who may need a little more TLC than others.  These cats paved the way for my volunteer work with cats.  They always provided warmth for my soul, thus I have always felt the need to repay all cats by fighting for the warmth they so deserve.
Fast forward to last month.  Not too long ago, my sister randomly did a search regarding the original Pinkie and Blue Boy paintings and was FLOORED to find out that they were displayed a mere twenty minutes from her home!  We HAD to go see them during my trip.  And we did.  And it was moving.

Blue Boy
It's hard to put into words how special it was to see these two paintings in person and to share that experience with my sister.  They were spectacular, as was the experience.

The Pinkie and Blue Boy paintings have an interesting history themselves.
Even the other paintings in the Portrait Hall were breathtaking.  We spent a good amount of time there just sitting and taking it all in.
It was quite the catty day, actually with this happening later that afternoon ;)

It's still all hard to believe.  What are the odds she would have searched for the original paintings' location before I visited?  How bizarre that the paintings were right next door to where she lived?  That we'd have the opportunity to see them?  Together?  That my mom chose to name our fuzzy works of art after these stunning works of art?  That our frightened Pinkie and Blue Boy would have had such an impact on our lives?  

I'll never forget that day.
We ended up spending many more hours at the museum exploring their unbelievable gardens which I will share soon.  Thanks for sticking around :)

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  1. Enjoyed your pics of Pinky and Blue Boy and comment. Weren't the originals at the Huntington Art Gallery in Pasadena CA? I saw them there a long time ago - they were lovely. I love your cats!


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