Friday, July 8, 2011

We've Gone Batty

I'm lucky to live with a man who is quite handy with a power tool and who LOVES to do things outdoors.  For a while, he's been talking about acquiring a bat house to help take care of the mosquitos who absolutely love to eat me alive.  I'm all for getting rid of those guys!  

We've seen some around at various places in town but could never bring ourselves to spend X amount of dollars when we the mister knew he could make our own!
 With a few other friends also interested in some bat houses, the mister whipped up three of them in a few days.
 Can you believe that ONE HUNDRED bats can live in one of these houses?!  The mesh screen gives them something to sink their claws in to :)
 On the 4th of July with some friends over, the mister climbed up about 15 feet and hung our first bat house above the garden!  Not without the beast right below him watching everything that was happening, of course.
 For ten years of my youth, we lived in a house with a pool (that I miss tremendously!) where bats would dip down and drink from while we would night swim.  Such a fond memory to look back on.  
I find bats to be absolutely adorable.  The remind me of ferrets with wings and if you know me, then you know how much I love stinky ferrets!
 I CANNOT wait for the bats to eat those mosquitos up!  Goodbye incessant scratching!!!
 One more thing my mister has done that impresses me!
I'll be sure to let you know (hopefully with pictures) if and when the bats show up!  Fingers crossed!


  1. How exciting! I have my fingers crossed for you!

    Lost in the Haze

  2. Hey! Thanks for joining my blog. I can't remember if we discussed blogging at kickball. Oh, and I totally need a bat house. You should let me know if your mister wants to make some cash. Our new house has a pool and there are so many bats around. Apparently they used to live in our eaves! I have been talking about having a bat house for years and I am totally going to do it now that I have the house. And I totally see what you mean about them dipping into the pool. So awesome!!!

  3. Oh, and I didn't realize I wasn't signed in when I Followed your blog, so it followed under my Yahoo and Blogspot accounts, so I count as 2 followers!

  4. whaaat? i didn't know that bats like to hang around pools.. but that's really neat! hopefully they eat all of your mosquitos!


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