Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WoodyFest: The Music

When I talk about WoodyFest, I always talk about meeting my mister, enduring the heat, hocking the goods or spending time with family but what WoodyFest is REALLY all about is the music.

Their kick off concert was held in Tulsa this year at Cain's Ballroom. When I heard that Crosby & Nash would be playing together, I bought tickets the first opportunity I could. I ended up being overjoyed to share that show with my mister, and two of my dearest high school friends (one of which just happened to be in town from Wisconsin!) who I used to listen to CSN&Y with for years! It was so special to share that with them! And to even get to see those talented, harmonizing men perform! Oh my lordy, was it spectacular! There were multiple times tears made their way down my face.

Throughout the entire festival, music is everywhere and sometimes is accompanied by a full moon.

Slaid Cleaves, an artist whose music is played often in our home.
One of our faves, Jimmy LaFave who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Crosby & Nash show.

The unstoppable Randy Crouch.  If you ever have the chance to see him, do it.  And if you ever have the chance to talk to him, do that too.
On the final night during the final songs, every performer in attendance graces the stage and sings Woody songs together.  There's no way to explain the feelings these moments induce.

One of my absolute favorites is David Amram.  His world music expertise keeps me in awe of him, year after year.  His passion for the festival and kind spirit aren't too shabby either ;)

The main stage, where we sell our merchandise, is located in the Pastures of Plenty which is directly below the water tower.  If you can find the tower off of the highway, you can find the festival.

At night, the tower is illuminated, sometimes flanked by a full moon ;)

The music.  It's why the masses come, despite the scorching temps.  It's what Woody would have wanted.


  1. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! Yay! Love it when the music grabs you by the tear ducts, I tend to get real overwhelmed when seeing my favorite artists play and the water works always come out! Makes it all the more special :)

  2. Looks like a blast! I see why this event means so much to you- other than the memories that come with it. It seems to be an event truly unlike any other in Oklahoma. Glad you had fun!


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