Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WoodyFest, Part Six

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of a very special event in my life, a day that changed my life forever.  Tomorrow is the beginning of the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival!
Many of you already know that six Woody Fests ago, I met my mister so I have an extremely special place in my heart for this event but there is SO much more that makes this festival shine!
It's set in one of my favorite Oklahoma towns, it's 4 days of non-stop things to do, it's FREE, it showcases some of the most amazing sunsets, it's only an hour away from Tulsa and OKC, it has a musical lineup that never disappoints and it's good for the soul.  Did I mention that I sell my goods there too?
Oh, I know, it's hot too.  Whatever.  We're in Oklahoma in July, heat happens ;)  Trust me, the countryside is light years cooler than the cities' concrete jungles.
Tonight the festival is kicking off in Tulsa at Cains where David Crosby and Graham Nash will be playing and you better bet that we'll be there!
Brave souls, get on the road and join us!

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