Monday, August 8, 2011

Drool With Me

My dad's friend bought a house built in 1963 at an auction a few months back after only seeing one room for a matter of minutes.  He's now in the process of fixing it up and restoring it to rent it out one day.  I was lucky enough to hang out there for a while today and can't get it out of my head!  It was phenomenal!  
 None of the other houses in this midtown area are anything like this place.  The house was built and owned by one man and by the looks of the place and all of the awesome surprises we came across, I REALLY wish I could have met that guy.
 I was THISCLOSE to ripping these curtains off the wall and running home with them!
 He'd cleverly hidden a buffet cart behind a cabinet door!  Seriously, this guy was a genius.
What you don't see are three bathrooms (one in lavender tile), the PERFECT crafting room, a workshop, a gardening room, screened in back porch, two bedrooms with fancy closets and huge garage!  

While we're not in the market to buy and our friend isn't in the market to sell, I let him know that if he ever decides to wash his hands of it, we would gladly take it :)

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